Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two teens


The military section of Meitar's small cemetery has "only" four graves.
We are just a small community, begun in 1984, with a present population of about 7,500.

But then, perhaps other sons and daughters of Meitar are buried on Mount Herzl, the national military cemetery in Jerusalem.   I don't know.   I hope not.
Yesterday a young soldier, Private Eden Attias, was buried in Upper Nazareth, his home town.
He was only 18 or 19  and the teenager who stabbed him was even younger.
Eden was asleep in the bus when the bus made a pit  stop at Afula when fellow bus passenger  Hussein Rawarda from Jenin knifed him.


anumorchy said...

So sad! For both of the boys, if I dare say so.

Dina said...

Anumorchy, yes, sad that both are/were just boys in their teens.

Spiderdama said...

Very sad. Yes, for both as anumorchy writes. I've read about this..

Sara said...

That is horribly sad.

Nonnie USA said...

What a comforting grave site, it reminds me of a bed with a pillow.
I wonder why the teen did this. Parents of both boys are probably devastated.

William Kendall said...

Too sad.

As cemeteries go, this one looks peaceful.

Hels said...

I could not survive if anything happened to my boys. I imagine the same would be true for Eden Attias' heartbroken parents.

Kay said...

This is so sad and so scary.

VP said...

Sad for both the boys? One is still alive and the other is dead!