Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Y is for yes at ABC Wednesday today.

Yes started broadcasting in 2000, breaking the cable monopoly in Israel which had lasted more than a decade and ushering in digital broadcasting technology.
Yes is the sole satellite television provider (DBS) in Israel and has 570,000 subscribers (in a country whose population is just over 7 million).

The first two photos show the roof of St. Louis French Hospital, right next to Notre Dame de Jerusalem.
That is Vatican territory (see the flag?).
Sometimes I wonder if the devout Catholics there have a direct channel from Heaven, with all their satellite dishes. I hope the reception is good. :)

Some 65% of Israeli households own subscriptions to multi-channel cable television or satellite service providers.
The photo above shows one of many yes dishes in a Bedouin village in the Negev desert. Darajat village must have its water trucked in and they are not yet connected to the national electric grid. Which shows you that TVs can work even from generators.

The cats in my village seem to like this spot on my next-door neighbor's roof.
You suppose they have a little television up there and watch cat cartoons?
My TV news comes only through the Internet, on my notebook computer. No television set for me.


Sylvia K said...

Love your shots for the Y day and the cat is so cute! Hmmm wonder if he does have a TV up there???

Have a great day, Dina!


RuneE said...

YES is a good word in most occasions in life. It should be used more.

PS We get our TV-signals, IP-telephone and Internet from the same provider through glass-fibre. We get 50+ TV-channels - most of which we could do without.

Spiderdama said...

Yes is a great Y and interesting text here;-)
Have a great evening!

Roger Owen Green said...

YES in the US is the Yankee Entertainment & Sports network! (I wrote about the NYY, BTW.)

Eki said...

I like this sentence of yours, Dina "You suppose they have a little television up there and watch cat cartoons?" With the picture, it makes me chuckle. Bless the humorous soul in you.

We have about 3 or 4 providers, but I don't care much as I don't watch much television.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dina,
Your daily photos are interesting
and they comfort me, because I miss
Israel so much!
We´ve seen these satellite antennas
also beside beduinetents!
We live in the woods and watch news
in internet by wireless connection
and don´t have any tv and are happy without.

Mara said...

He is a regular Topcat! Nice Y! It's definitely different.

Manang Kim said...

A very good information...I didn't know they have territories there too..but with all those satellite they might have a direct line hehe. Thanks for sharing!


Kay said...

This is such a good idea for your Y day. By the way, if you get a chance, read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

Nadege said...

The Time Warner operator told me I was going to get 250 channels, (50 channels more than I used to get). He didn't told me that out of the extra 50, 45 would be of spanish language. But it was part of the deal, even though I told him I worked for TV and I know there is nothing to watch except few channels (LOL). I love those pictures Dina. I am learning so much about Israel, it religon... because of you. Thank you!

Leslie: said...

Seems so unusual to me that you don't have a TV, but glad you get your news via the Internet.

Rose said...

I admire a woman who doesn't have a television set! It's amazing how far-reaching television is today, even in the desert with no electricity as you show. I had no idea the Vatican had a post in Jerusalem; I doubt they have any better reception from heaven than the rest of us:)

Tumblewords: said...

I had no idea! Interesting and informative as always. Yes. A provocative name for a sales pitch.

Grace and Bradley said...

We get over a hundred channel on our cable, as RuneE said most of which we can do without. Internet is better for getting the news.

crederae said...

I like this YES name.That is cool marketing.

Dina! shake hands -we are the only 2 on the planet without tv, well I own a tv for viewing films but no tv chanels.

Here Dina have some more popcorn-do you like it with caramel?what movie should we watch next. Maybe we should make our own movie- hey we already have.

Yes I have just finished reading the cat in the hat by Dr. SEuss -well again that is so that kitten must be watching cat cartoons.

please excuse my delerium.

Cloudia said...

Another instructive and charming post, Dear Dina!


Pietro said...

Very interesting, Dina. Beautiful shots too.
In Israel do you have to pay a yearly television licence fee? In Italy we are obliged to pay about 120 euros every year: many people find this absolutely unjust.

Catherine said...

Yessss ! Some equipments to stay informed, or misinformed .... Just choose the good channel cat tv or cat holic tv.... : )

Dina said...

Shalom friends! Thanks for your informative and/or funny and fun comments.

Pietro, you too?? Israelis get charged a yearly television tax of 400 shekels, which at the moment is 75 Euros or $107.
I think the Israel Broadcasting Authority just assumes that everyone who pays an electric bill has a TV set. If you are on their list (I am not, yay!), you have to prove you do not have a television.

cieldequimper said...

Hello Dina! Yes, yes, yes!
Everything is so beautiful... except the dishes...

Kate said...

The cat has the right idea; take the sun and forget the television!

moneythoughts said...

I happen to know that all transmissions go first to the Vatican in Rome before they are forwarded on to heaven, and all feed back from heaven goes through Rome before it reaches their Israeli location.

Some day the dish needs to be converted into something more pleasing to look at. Where there is no cable, people have to use a dish, but they look unsightly, in my opinion.

VP said...

I watch almost no television. My cat, when I had one, was more fascinated by my washing machine doing the laundry: he watched it all the time...

Jay said...

Hahaha! Yes, I imagine the cats watch TV up there! I'd like to think so!

Interesting post. One satellite provider for the whole country - well, it's not far off that here, really, because when it comes to TV, you have a choice of Sky, or Sky. There are other telecommunications satellites which are used though.

Chuck Pefley said...

I'll bet they're watching mouse cartoons ... when they're awake anyway.

The counterpoint of towers and satellite dish is just a bit jarring.