Friday, January 15, 2010

Young ibex at the benches

Enlarge to see the "wild goats."

These two Nubian ibex were roaming around the benches yesterday just inside the entrance to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve near the Dead Sea.

Just the picture I needed for RuneE's "Bench on Friday" bench-watchers.

Ein Gedi is a wonderful oasis in the Wilderness of Judea.


Glennis said...

I do like these big solid wooden benches, they should last for ever. Also I like the Ibex, I imagine these are wild animals.

RuneE said...

Bit relaxation undere a trre, hiding from the sun might be just the thing at the moment :-)

These look sturdy and made with care.

Eki said...

The benches on the top photo look nice and sturdy, Dina. It's nice that they are under the shades in what looks like a dry place. Are those ibex tame (are they not afraid of humans)?

Dina said...

Glennis shalom, yes, the benches should last for a long time, if we are lucky. Unfortunately many of the diverse plants and animals in the nature reserve were burned a few years ago. It was arson. :(

Glennis and Eki, apparently the ibex see so many friendly people every day that they do not fear humans.
They don't come up and eat out of your hand or anything, though. (Well, people are not allowed to eat food inside Ein Gedi national park.)
The big males with the huge curved horns (photos to follow) did, however, keep their distance.

Rune, yes, there were hours during our all-day hike that I would have liked some shade. But mostly it was hazy, not too bad in the sun.
Temps in the shade were about 23 C.

Yaelian said...

Nice ibex,it looks so small compared to those benches!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Sturdy benches, for sure.

Oasis? But it looks so dry. I guess I've always thought an oasis has more vegetation. In drawings, there are clusters of verdant palm trees.

FA said...

You show lots of interesting benches in your part of the world. It would be fun to take a whole day and go from bench to bench and enjoy Jerusalem - what an interesting perspective that might be!

Paulie said...

WOW! Neat benches with the bonus of the ibex there too! This is PERBS (Paulie) and you will find my bench at

Kay said...

I'm glad you were able to see the park, Dina. The ibex look like graceful creatures. I'm wondering if you went into the Dead Sea.

VP said...

Those benches are made to last!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Just been reading several of your posts about your journey and enjoying them and now I find your lovely bench contribution. What a contrast to weather here.