Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dean the Dragon

Wanting to join the bloggers' bandwagon for Halloween, but what to do if Israel has no Halloween?
Well, I DO have a photo from 2009 of grandson Dean dressing up in dragon and animal costumes in the fantastic kids' playroom at the Australian Museum.
And the mirror gave us something nice for James' Weekend Reflections.
Happy Halloween to all of you who live in a country that celebrates it.


Vernz said...

That's so cute... love him... pretty great shot..
dropping by for WR.
My Weekend Reflections here

Pietro said...

Beautiful reflection image.
We have Halloween, but it's not an important event in our cities.

Kay said...

I love it and I especially love seeing you taking that photo in the mirror! That is truly a loving reflection.

Patsy said...

I wish we didn't have it here but it is getting bigger each year.

Anonymous said...

May time and life continue to treat him kind.

With no Halloween over here as well, for many students it is "a normal working day", having lessons throughout the day.

daily athens

VP said...

'Celebrate' seems a bit too much for what they do on Halloween, but I am saying this probably out envy...