Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"On the tracks--don't play"

Electrifying news!
I was so happy to see this sign, at long last, near the end of Jaffa Street!
"The power-lines of the light rail in this section are electrified."
For years already this blog has been posting torn up Jerusalem streets, bulldozers, track-laying machines, bridge-building cranes, workers wading in wet concrete, and all the rest that goes into building a light rail.
This particular section was even planted with grass.
It runs along the northern wall of the Old City.

The trams might actually start running in April.
To prepare Jerusalemites for the big day, these signs are going up along the route.
Please enlarge the photo, read, and have a good laugh.
: )
Just remember--we have never lived side by side with a tram before.


Robin said...

Hurray! It's actually happening at last, who'd have believed it...

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VP said...

Be sure that sooner or later some guys will try one or the other of these wise things to do around a tram.
When I worked in Milan I was honked once or twice by a very silent tram behind me!

spacedlaw said...

I notice the "might" which reminds me of the caution one uses when talking about public works in Italy...