Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new blog is born!


Meet my Australian artist/photographer friend Lucy, the Wildgoose, who tomorrow sets out on the 1,000 kilometer Bibbelmun Track through southwestern Australia.
She will reach the great trail's end (God willing!) only the week before Christmas.
Lucy opened a brand new blog today and I invite YOU to follow her!
While walking the Camino de Santiago, the ancient pilgrimage route across Spain, Lucy found this Spanish saying in a logbook: "El turista exige; el peregrino agradece," meaning, "The tourist demands; the pilgrim gives thanks."
That was nine years ago, but that idea stayed with Lucy.
To quote her new blog:
" I’m walking the [Bibbelmun] track as a reflective, embodied practice as part of my Honours thesis in sustainability. Its working title is: Pilgrimage and the Alchemy of Transformation – Finding a way from Entitlement to Gratitude.
. . . So I’m playing at being a pilgrim, and finding a way from entitlement to gratitude."
Lucy hopes that what she learns and writes will help us all walk more softly on our troubled planet, through adopting an attitude of gratitude.
Lechi leshalom, go to peace, friend.


Kay said...

This is wonderful. I will drop by and see how she is doing. To be grateful in life was one of the teachings of my grandfather priest, along with humility and not being wasteful.

Patsy said...

The world needs more humility,I will read her blog.

Anonymous said...

God's speed to Lucy. I shall follow her on her pilgrimage.

Ann said...

That will be an amazing experience. I haven't seen that area and would really like to (but not on foot!).

Anonymous said...

May she own a safe step ahead. Somewhere I did read that if one asks you to walk a mile, invite to walk two with you.

daily athens

Ann said...

She is a bright active person to climb up the tree and travel across in Australia.

Eki said...

This is an interesting project. And I like that quote about tourists and pilgrims, Dina.

Petrea said...

I'm excited for Lucy. This is something I admire, and would love to do.

VP said...

I have just seen some old houses with the shell above the front door...

JM said...

That must be a thrilling adventure. It somehow reminds me of a blog I have followed: 'Walking the Amazon', an adventure of a crazy guy who took two years to reach the river's mouth! Simply amazing!