Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just go over

Click on the picture and enjoy how the setting sun turns the city into Jerusalem of Gold.

I post this, however, to show the layout of the street, which has seen much development in recent years.

The new Kikar Zahal park is on the left, at the northwestern corner of the Old City wall.

From there, a delightful promenade at the foot of the wall takes you to Jaffa Gate.
The photo shows Jaffa Road emerging from a tunnel.

If you look back at yesterday's post, you can just about see that the road is slightly elevated.
Grave sites were discovered near Jaffa Gate when the road was being built.
Jewish tradition (law?) would never allow a road to be constructed ON the graves, but a little bit ABOVE them--OK.

Now I need a title . . .
"Just go over" comes to mind.
You might enjoy the Chassidic wisdom in an earlier post by that name, back here.


Adullamite said...

Man alive! What changes to Jerusalem!

JM said...

Great shot! I like the curved wall of the tunnel.

Leif Hagen said...

I just wish I could visit Jerusalem during a Minnesota winter!
We listen to Suzuki violin music during dinnertime.....

Rob and Mandy said...

This answers a question I asked you some months ago about these tombs.
I really like the way they did it, as the 'old' Jaffa road was oh so chaotic, specially in this area

Spiderdama said...

This is great and I would love to take a walk there again.
Our son of 18 traveled to Israel last night with friends .. wish it was me :-) Maybe for Easter ..
I wish you a wonderful week!

Kay said...

I think that is a great title. There must be a lot of old cemetery sites in Jerusalem.

L. D. Burgus said...

It is a beautiful view, both foreground as well as sunset.

Irina said...

New and old well go together. Very old)

Ann said...

Jerusalem rock is beautiful especially in the glow of the setting sun.

VP said...

I'm still digging for some old photos of the area, but I thik that they improved it a lot. I like the solution at the graves problem, quite typical!