Friday, October 1, 2010

That drooping feeling

It's not fair!
Here it is October already and we are still sweating through temps of 36 C (almost 97 F) with 15% humidity today and tomorrow.
And that's in high-altitude Jerusalem where it is cooler than other Israeli cities.
Even one of the Sabbath candles at a nearby friend's house was drooping.
I know how that candle feels.
Shabbat shalom. Take it easy.


andrea said...

we had just this stron winter here and now all friuts are falling down ,. smells lovely . winter smell comes
today I switched on the heater

anumorchy said...

Back to the single sheet :((

Leif Hagen said...

It's much cooler here - I put on a Fall jacket this afternoon to walk our youngest daughter to a neighbor's for a playdate.
Stay cool!
te te te te ta ta (remember?!)
: - )

richies said...

Fall is taking it's time getting here in Western Arkansas.

Happy Sabbath\

An Arkies Musings

Hels said...

I know how the candles feel, and not because of the heat.

Since erev Rosh Hashana, we have shopped, cooked, eaten and washed up till we dropped. And gone to other peoples' homes for dinners. It was a lovely three weeks, but I will look forward to the quiet again :)

VP said...

A really funny picture, I am sorry for you (and the candle)!

Sara said...

We in Southern California have joined you in the heat...though it is a little cooler today at last.

Rob and Mandy said...

Gosh, that's hot! We're down to 25, which is perfect.

Kay said...

Oh my gracious! I can't believe that candle is melting in the heat. I sure hope things cool off for you.

JM said...

:-) Very funny!