Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Plant a free tree for Gilad

Want to plant a tree in Israel, for FREE, in honor of Gilad Shalit and his family?!

Just click here and write a few personal words to the family. It's easy.

Be quick--the offer expires on Sunday.

The Keren Kayemet / Jewish National Fund is offering one free tree per person to be planted in celebration of Gilad's release.

For over a hundred years the KKL/JNF has worked to make Israel green with forests.
But today they do much more.
The seven action areas are Forestry & Ecology, Water, Community Development, Security, Education, Research & Development, and Tourism & Recreation.

Keren Kayemet workers call themselves "Caretakers of the land and people of Israel."

This blog has shown other examples of their good work.
I hope thousands of people around the world will respond to this free tree offer.
(Normally one tree is purchased for $18.)
I'm hoping there will be a Shalit grove or wood or even a whole forest!

And YOU will enjoy having your own baby tree growing up in Israel!


Rob and Mandy said...

Thanks, Dina, we just did it.

cieldequimper said...

That's a nice way to honour him after his gruelling experience. A lot of media coverage in France, with him being 'Franco-Israeli".

VP said...

Great idea, wonderful occasion, I will do it!

Theanne and Baron said...

Planted a free tree in honor of Gilad! I feel very "connected" to your country now Dina...thank you for sharing this information!

James said...

I'm so happy for the young man and his family but his ordeal must have been horrible. It's taken awhile but our prayers have been answered! I gladly filled out the form for a tree.

crystal said...

Thanks, Dina - I did it. :)

Kay said...

What a wonderful thing, Dina! Such a coincidence that the village just planted a tree outside of our yard today. I just wrote a post about it.