Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Protest popping up everywhere

Before we leave the on-going blog topic of the Oct. 17 open house/open sukkah at the Presidential Residence, I want to show you these pretty Ethiopian girls waiting to go on stage and do their dance.
They were one of several folk dance troupes.

President Shimon Peres (in the upper left) was enjoying some of the entertainment before giving a nice speech.
His speech was interrupted by four protesters who suddenly stood up shouting and unfurling small cloth banners demanding affordable housing for the people of Israel.
I was happy that our President listened and relied to them that the government is working on the problem; and he asked the security men to be gentle when escorting the protesters out.
I got a picture of that moment but I don't feel like publishing it, somehow.

The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, founded in 1994 and based in Ashdod, played.
Wiki says the 50 musicians and lyricists are of Russian or Moroccan origin.
They combine the oud and drum with European classical instruments.
A few weeks ago , Wiki says, the orchestra bowed to pressure from religious subscribers and removed a concert from its subscription series featuring female singer Francoise Atlan. According to Haaretz, some concertgoers threatened to cancel their subscriptions if the concert was not removed from the series.
Strange, the Haaretz article is no longer to be found where it was footnoted.

However, you can go to Huffington Post to read about the curious halacha "kol isha" that says men should not listen to the voice of a singing woman.


Theanne and Baron said...

photos catching life's moments...I respect other cultures and beliefs...I'm happy that all can hear a woman sing where I live

ρομπερτ said...

oh life has become so complicated. wish that it could become as simple as i remember it, while being young.
please have you all a good and kind thursday.

Hels said...

President Shimon Peres did exactly the right thing. He didn't want to spoil the joy of the festivities, but he also wanted to acknowledge that the protesters had a legitimate case. Well done Peres.

Cloudia said...

You give us great insight into the reality of Israel. So exciting about the Ethiopians coming home!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

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Kay said...

I'm glad your president asked for gentleness. I'm also glad you had such an interesting, enjoyable day.

diane b said...

Thanks for showing us a glimpse of life in Israel. That is a weird belief about women singing. We should all be more tolerant.

crystal said...

It is interesting to read about Israel from the inside. All I've known of it has come from the news or novels. It does seem like protesting is going on everywhere now - I was just reading ot the London protestors being asked to leave St. Paul's Cathedral.

RuneE said...

It would be a wrong world if men should not listen to women singing (or the other way around for that matter)- or speaking. As you know, we had a right-wing terrorist attack some months ago. He had that kind of attitude. It reminded me of a period 70 years ago that I thought we had overcome.

PS Thank you for the nice comment - it was much appreciated!

VP said...

I agree with Robert about life and I am quite bored with protesters everywhere...

Patsy said...

We are about to have lots and lots of snow in New York City.

Pietro said...

What an attractive open-air concert, really nice!