Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Minerva in Jerusalem

Isn't she beautiful, even with a busted nose?!

And so old--from the 2nd century CE [A.D.].

Athena (the Roman Minerva) in marble is one of the many treasures in the Israel Museum.

The museum writes this:
Athena (the Roman Minerva) was the daughter of Zeus, king of the gods.
She was the goddess of wisdom and the art of warfare, patroness of heroes, artists, and the arts.
She is usually depicted helmet-clad and armed with a spear and shield.

Of this statue, which originally rose to 2.5 meters, only the head has survived.
Traces of paint indicate that it was originally brightly painted.
The contrast between the smooth face and rough hair are typical of the style of the 2nd century CE.
She was discovered at Tel Naharon (northern Beit She'an).


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great! Thank you and have a great day! mary

Anonymous said...

How wonderful a journey through time. Makes one wonder what she has seen through her life.
Please have a good Thursday.

mirae said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!if anyone or anything could represent all of these characteristics wisdom heroes artists and arts goddess of war at once it would be this statue.

Thankyou. Your journal is an eternal jewel.

Karl Demetz said...

Wonderful piece, thanks Dina for sharing.

Kay said...

I think it's so interesting to think that all these beautiful statues used to be covered with paint. They look so beautiful with just their pure white color.

VP said...

She is great even with the broken nose! The myth of Minerva got a huge blow in Italy when a popular brand of matches was named after the goddess...

Reader Wil said...

She was beautiful!
Thanks for your visit. I was expecting your question.
I think the urn from Indonesia was so late in arriving in the Netherlands because the Dutch victims of the war were spread all over the Indonesian archipel and we were still having conflicts with Indonesia about the west part of New Guinea.

This is Belgium said...

yes she is beautiful
a nose does not make so much difference after all to someone who is goddess of so many things, art and wisdom included !
have a wonderful day

JM said...

Absolutely beautiful!

crystal said...

It is strange for us to ralize that most Greek statues were painted. I like the story of how Atena was born - stepping fully grown from the forehead of her father.