Friday, May 4, 2012

Through a glass elevator, brightly

Deep reflections in the floor of the elevator, for Weekend Reflections, had an almost dizzying effect as we went up.

But looking through the glass elevator, down onto Zion Square, was even more exciting.

You can see where the Ben-Yehuda Street pedestrian mall begins at Zion Square, corner of Jaffa Street.
The decorated parked car belongs to the joyful NaNach Jews, and the yellow bloodmobile waits for your blood donation.

Enlarge the photo and see the tram.
The light rail is now the only vehicle allowed in this part of Jaffa St., making it too a kind of pedestrian mall.

Here is a wider view (again, from the elevator) .

Hamashbir LeTsarchan was Israel's first department store, and its Jerusalem store recently moved into this new building with the two glass elevators.
You can see the modern building still under construction in an earlier post.
The tower (or rotunda) with the elevators looks like a lighthouse.

Architect Aaronson said he designed the elevators as a "kinetic sculpture" that will radiate light outward and add to the general experience of passersby.


Malyss said...

A beautyful look over the city, rather unusual, therefore very interesting! The reflection is giving vertigo!

Theanne said...

love the elevator and the light rail tram...the views are fantastic!

Dianne said...

A great bird-eye view of the city. I guess it's good not to have motor traffic in this busy area of the city.

Arija said...

I love external elevators and this one gives a great overview of the city as well. Nicely spotted Dina.

Fran said...

Wow- that would scare me, but it still looks so cool!

I love that area. There is a wonderful shop not too far from there, Gans. If you ever go in there and meet Suri, who works there, she knows me. I bought so many things there. I believe that my husband and I were the only non-Jews ever to register for wedding gifts there. We got such lovely things!

Hels said...

I don't think I have heard of the Na Nachs, the newest of the Chassidic sects. But I am delighted that they spend their time making Judaism happy and fun, rather than putting fear in children and criticising women.

And light trams are fantastic.

Birdman said...

Your first image was a bit dizzying from the outset. I'll step back.

Pietro said...

Very nice views of the town and great effects in the first images.

zeder said...

Schön, diese Einblicke in die Stadt...
Grüße, Uwe-Jens