Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A tête-à-tête between two priests in the tent of the Armenians.
Talking about what (or whom), do you think?

Their peaked hats recall Mt. Ararat, where Noah's ark came to rest after the flood.
Today it is in Turkey but once it was in the ancient Armenian kingdom.

More pictures from the Ascension Day worship by the Orthodox Christians on the Mount of Olives are in my recent posts.
(Today's post is for ABC Wednesday's T-day.)
P.S. - LOL, I just enlarged the photo and found a surprise I had not seen before!
UPDATE: Sorry, exactly now when I wanted you to enlarge and find the cell phone the priests are looking at, Blogger is having a problem.
Known Issues for Blogger writes that

"Images uploaded in HTML mode may display smaller than the original size for some users. We're working on a fix to the problem, but in the meantime you can still upload images without issue via Compose mode."

That does not seem to be true however. I tried uploading again and the photo still comes out small.
sigh . . .


Reader Wil said...

The Armenians are interesting people! But what's the surprise??
So now it is very warm in Israel! Well we had some beautiful warm days but now it is much cooler and rainy.
We had beautiful days in the north of Israel, hadn't we?!

Anonymous said...

Past, present and future combined. Wonderful where alike is possible. Please have a good Wednesday.

crystal said...

Nice photo. I wonder what kind of material their cloaks/hoods are made of - silk? I tried to enlarge the photo but for some reason couldn't. What's the surprise? :)

chubskulit said...


Travels & Wandering
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Roger Owen Green said...

probably not talking trash
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Pietro said...

Interesting this "Tête-à-tête", Dina.
I've no idea of what they are talking about, maybe religious matters?.

From yesterday the upload with the fixed size of the images and the consequent enlargment doesn't work on Blogger. I hope they fix it soon.

mirae said...

hello beautiful Dina, I have the feeling(a very nice one)when I come to your blog that in jerusalem there isnt a time lapse between history and the present, and there isnt that tension between the past and the present ...

Sara said...

They do remind me of mountain tops...but I did not know these hats were designed with that in mind.

Kay said...

When I clicked on the photo, it made it smaller instead of bigger. This is weird. Love the photo though.

Robin said...

LOL - at first glance I thought they were the tents! Great capture Dina.

luluberoo said...

Great word play! Maybe they are deciding where to go for lunch.

This is my first week participating, I'm enjoying it already.

VP said...

Very, very funny!
Check if the radio button is still on large in the upload window...
By the way you can always change the size of images in the html source, it is not difficult.

Pat said...

I saw the cell phone. The photo did enlarge when I clicked on it. It's funny to see such technology in the hands of someone wearing such ancient-looking traditional garb. It reminds me of seeing a photo of an African man in traditional garb out in the bush, talking on a cell phone. My youngest son and his wife spent 2 years in Niger with the Peace Corps.