Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kindness and justice will I sing

For the weekly Psalm Challenge, here is Psalm 101.

1. Of David. A psalm.

Kindness and justice I will sing; to You, O LORD, I will chant a hymn.
2. I would study the way of the innocent—when will it come to me?!
May I walk about in the innocence of my heart within my house.
3. May I set nothing base before my eyes. I have hated acting wickedly; may it not cling to me.
4. May a perverse heart depart from me; may I know naught of evil.
5. He who secretly slanders his fellow, may I destroy; the haughty-eyed and greedy of heart, may I not abide.
6. My eyes are on the trusty men of the land, to dwell with me. May one who follows the way of the innocent be the one to serve me.
7. May no one who acts deceitfully dwell within my house; may no one who speaks lies stay before my eyes.
This unusual and fine translation is by Rabbi Benjamin J. Segal.
See his interpretation of each psalm at his "A New Psalm" blog. 
The Flame of Justice in our Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem.
See more about the Supreme Court in my earlier posts.


Spiderdama said...

Very creative picture! I will check out your links
Hope you have a good week Dina:-)

Doronette NF said...

Stunning picture !

VP said...

Wise words, beautiful image!

Mary Gerdt said...

Thank you for joining me in honoring the continuing of Robert's mission. Have become dependent on my weekly studies. Will keep up the psalm studies and wish all psalmists to be surrounded by good people, like David had hoped. Still,my reality side came from Mom who said if wishes were horses, we would all ride like kings. Best wishes and have a great week.Mary

Dina said...

Friends, shalom and thanks for your comments.

Mary, you are the psalmist among us. Your story today about the farm and life is touching and true.

Sara said...

That is a marvelous translation - thank you for sharing it. And the photo is amazing, what striking lines, light and shadows.

Dina said...

Sara, yeah, I thought Rabbi Segal's translation is less harsh-sounding than the older ones.

JM said...

What a great perspective! Well done, Dina.