Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mosaicist, Greek Orthodox

(All photos can be enlarged with two clicks.)

M is for  mosaic-making monk in a monastery.

He kindly let me watch how a modern mosaic is painstakingly made, in his workshop at the very old St. Gerasimus Monastery near Jericho.

See more about St. Gerasimus Monastery, also known in Arabic as Deir Hajleh and in Hebrew as Beth-Hogla, here:

Lots of photos and info at http://www.biblewalks.com/Sites/StGerassimos.html

Mosaic carpets in various stages of progress.
Maybe you'd like to order one?
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UPDATE: Thanks to Pasadena Adjacent's use of the word smalti in her comment,  I learned a nice new word and found this great illustrated glossary of mosaic terms:
http://www.mosaicartsource.com/mosaicart/mosaic_art_resource/mosaic_glossary.html    and they even have a blog about mosaics!


Karl Demetz said...

Wonderful works, Dina!
I love mosaics, mosaicists are great artists!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post for 'M" and such exquisite and divine art ~ such a treasure ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

yes, it is the small pieces which form the whole.

great images.

please have a good wednesday.

Roger Owen Green said...

There is a Greek Orthodox church in Albany, NY and the docent gave us a tour of the iconography. Fascinating stuff.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Maggie Ann said...

wow, how intricate and beautiful!

Mary Gerdt said...

Beautiful! Great to see the process.Have a great week.mary

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I have never done a mosaic where I wasn't leaning over a flat surface. Seems easier on the back this way. And lucky is the monk who has Italian smalti to work with. I work with pressed glass made in Mexico


What Marvelous artistry and skill! I love mosaics too - very special to see these in-process captures.

Pietro Brosio said...

Mosaics are so fascinating!
Very nice post, Dina.

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful work. In 1953 when I was still in high school we had to make a mosaic of the queen in her coronation dress. Of course it was made out of paper, but it was a great learning experience.

Dina said...

Friends, thanks for all your interesting comments.

Pasadena Adjacent, thanks for the new word smalti! I added an update to my post:

Thanks to Pasadena Adjacent's use of the word smalti in her comment, I learned a nice new word and found this great illustrated glossary of mosaic terms:
http://www.mosaicartsource.com/mosaicart/mosaic_art_resource/mosaic_glossary.html and they even have a blog about mosaics!

Joy said...

Wonderful the mosaic tradition continues, such an interesting art form.
Joy - ABC Team

VP said...

Wonderful, I have never seen a mosaic artist at work. You could have saved this for next theme day!

richies said...

Lovely art. Looks like a very time consuming process.
An Arkies Musings

Kay said...

This is such painstaking, beautiful work. It's definitely a labor of love and devotion.

JM said...

Amazing work!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Dina! This is a splendid M post! Thanks for showing it is so beautiful.