Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ABC Wednesday at Augusta Victoria

To read the fine print please click on this photo:

Trowel and hammer used in 1907 to lay the cornerstone of the German Lutheran Church of the Ascension, aka Augusta Victoria, on the Mount of Olives.

Tall tower of the church.

To the tower or Turm in German.

Terrible news!

Too many stairs to the top of the bell tower. But the view was tops!

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Hyde DP said...

O yes that "terrible news" is terrible!

Chuck Pefley said...

Thinking about the trowel and the very first stone, then seeing the many stones that make the complete church certainly gives perspective to the massiveness of putting up an amazing structure like this. So sorry you had to walk to the top :)

Texas Travelers said...

The first stone to the last. It's like life. One stone at the time.

We Like your post

Come visit,
Troy and Martha

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis", being Lutheran, was very impressed by your photos of the Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Jerusalem!

"Louis" also thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo and for viewing the other photos of his "T" post at Pour-la-Famille.

Paulie said...

Had to chuckle at the terrible news and I enjoyed each and every T photo-- even the ones below this post!

Stop by and see my T photos.

For The People said...

love your photos!

Anonymous said...

This T was so interesting. I enjoyed your post, it wasn't me walking to the top.
Kathy b

Michelle said...

You live in the most wonderfully historic area Dina. Thank you so much for sharing.

Granny Smith said...

Not only one stone at a time but one step at a time. At least the stairs had a railing so that one could haul oneself up hand over hand!

I like your photos and the layout of photos and story.

reader Wil said...

Did you really climb all those stairs? I remember climbing the stairs of the 100 metres high Dom Tower in Utrecht and it was terrible.Very nice photos again!

nonizamboni said...

I really appreciate your multi-religious posts, Dina. The world is so large. Something touching about these old tools... Great post.
Happy Day!

Dina said...

Thanks friends, for your philosophical contributions. Things to ponder.
I'll have to post more views of this impressive place.
Yes, the old tools were very touching to see, even under glass. I work often with a simple trowel in my archaeology, so when I saw this fancy one I got excited.
Actually, the 200 stairs of the Augusta Victoria (named for Kaiser Wilhelm's wife) tower were not so bad because the structure is broad, light, and airy; and we 3 were the only ones there. If I have to climb a tight spiral staircase up to a bell tower or navigate a narrow tunnel or cave, I just about die of claustrophobia. And the two visiting American friends in the photo were good sports about it. Attitude is everything.
Luckily the huge bells did not ring while we were standing next to them.

Musings said...

I'm already faint thinking of climbing up those stairs. People of the past must have been a sturdy bunch.

Z said...

Looking forward to the pictures of the view from the top.. I'm glad you persevered and went all the way to the top!

Thank you for your visit to, and comment on, my Villigen CH blog.