Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Waiting for sunrise at the Jaffa Gate.
Waiting for the bus on Herzl Blvd.
Waiting for the Messiah. Some Chabad Hasidic Jews believe that their leader, the Rebbe of Lubavitch, who died ten years ago, was and IS the messiah. The fence was plastered with these posters. At the top is written, "Long live our rabbi-teacher-leader, King Messiah, for ever and ever!"
Waiting for snail mail. WHEN will it come? WHY doesn't anybody write to me anymore?
(Singing the old song, "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me; I'm gonna go eat WORMS." LOL)


reader Wil said...

A new Messiah? Now that's interesting. He must have been a great rabbi!

Tipper said...

Loved all the Ws but the waiting for the sunset was my favorite. You do such an amazing job of showing us your life. I love love the photos showing the items literally from Bible days. Your just surrounded by history. Thank you for sharing it every bit.

Catherine said...

Nobody writes that way anymore. As we live at the computer time and cellular time, all the messages are instantaneous.
And once again, discrepancy between this virtual way to inform, and other people who stick posters on walls to pay tribute to a saint-rabbi (can I use "saint" and mix our religion,I don't know. I wrote it that way with all respect).


I miss letter days - most people don't even write any more - they use mobile phones for speaking and text messages (terrible grammar and spelling)

Nathalie said...

Fun post - each photo and its commentary deserves attention.

The last one, well, I haven't used snail mail for a long while now. Somehow email seems the way to go!