Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Votive candles

Votive candles lit for a loved one.

Vigil lights. Filling them with oil for vespers.


Jerez said...

I light candles at dusk every night. When I light them i I look to see who comes to mind, and heart. Before bedtime I blow them out, but pause at each one to pay respects to all who come to mind as each candle is approached. A powerful meditation.

I use Catholic candles a lot, in tall glasses, and also small votives, and I have sand gardens to play with light in, but I have never thought to use tall thin candles in my sand gardens as votives.

It's beautiful, and I think I'll incorporate this in my home and evening ceremonies.

Thanks for a Very inspiring V day, Dana!

Marvin said...

Your ABC Wednesday post are always such a treat: A mini-tour of Jerusalem with every letter of the alphabet. By the time we cycle through the alphabet again and arrive back at the letter "V", surely you will have a photo of one of those vampire bats to show us, no? :-)

reader Wil said...

Candles have always attracted me. Once we got the big candle that stood in our church for a year, from Easter till Good friday. We got the candle because we had a lot of bad luck that year.Every Good Friday the candle is replaced by a new one. The old one is given to a family which had a difficult time during that year.

Dina said...

Jerez, what a fine meditation. I will try it. Thank YOU! The long tapers are the kind normally available at the churches, to be stuck in the sand.

Marvin, oh how I wish. Have you any advice how to photograph rapidly flying bats in the night??

Wil, thanks for sharing your story. What a nice custom your church has.