Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gala for Calatrava

Here it is! Especially lit up in Israel's colors for inauguration night, the 118-meter tall pylon of Gesher HaMetarim, variously translated as the Cords or Chords Bridge or the Bridge of Strings!
Spanish architect-engineer Santiago Calatrava took his inspiration from the Book of Psalms where King David plays the harp and sings praises to God.
To show you just how it sits in the congested western entrance to Jerusalem, I have to borrow the photo below by Ariel Jerozolimski which appeared in the media this week. The bridge will carry pedestrians and a new tram line still being built.
Herzl Street was closed to traffic for the gala event on Wednesday afternoon. Those of us who did not score a chair in the VIP section sat wherever. Little religious boys had a great time running around or riding bikes down the normally full-of-traffic boulevard, just like the secular kids do on Yom Kippur, the holy day when NO ONE drives.
A close-up of how the 66 cables go in and out of the mast.
The changing colors of sunset were the best lightshow.
But when the sky turned black the earthly show began. Next to the giant screens was an orchestra and a boys choir, and dancer girls advanced single file up the pedestrian walkway.
The thousands below gasped as projectors lit up the Bridge of Strings. I stood under the mast for three hours, enthralled.

The smoke from the fireworks was beautiful in itself.
The online Jerusalem Post has a 2-minute video about the bridge here, with an interview of Calatrava and the comments of the public. But be warned: citizens either love or hate the expensive bridge. And a You Tube video of the entertainment is fun.
For more information and views of the bridge being built, see my previous posts here
and here.
There is a lot more to share about the bridge and the party, unless y'all have had enough.
Maybe tomorrow?


Nathalie said...

Congratulations Dina, what an extraordinary series of photos!!!

I watched the video too but I was a bit disappointed because I thought it would show the night show but it was daytime interviews. But anyway your photos are there and they are FANTASTIC. I'd never heard about this bridge so thanks for showing it to us.

Dina said...

Nathalie, thanks for your helpful feedback. I just added a video of parts of the big show, from You Tube.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

OOOH Dina!
THis is so fantastic, I love this bridge what a pity that we could not see this bridge while we were in Jeruzalem.. Did I tell you that we once visited your city? Yes! we did and I liked the atmosphere so much, we visited the narow streets and some markets, we travelled by bus etc, now you should better be carefull with general traffic right?

I am back to basics for healtreasons and I'm makings small shots with my cell (mobile phone) You would b surprised and today saterday 28th I showed my birthday celebrating dog,

Happy weekend from JoAnn

JC said...

Absolutely beautiful. I don't think I can get enough. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Helen said...

Very, very beautiful photos!
Thanks for sharing with us.

Louise said...

How lucky you are to photograph such a wonderful thing. You did it justice. Terrific photos!

Jerez said...

What an amazing work of art Dina..and your photos are beautiful!
I wouldn't even have known of this had it not been for you! ( well one day) It is just amazing what has been built in this world, of pyramids, and ancient and modern wonders. It just plain blows me away, Must have been an extraordinary experience watching this go up.
I'm so glad you shared this and that I found your blog.. You're a lady with so much love of life.
It's just a pleasure knowing you even from afar.

Chuck Pefley said...

Gorgeous architecture and design. I love suspension bridges done in an artistic way! Nicely portrayed!

Michelle said...

It's beautiful..great photos Dina..

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! This is just extraordinary. The modern design using ancient inspiration is perfect.

babooshka said...

Excellent set of very exciting images. Have to check out you tube now.

reader Wil said...

What a beautiful bridge this is!! Really magnificent and stunning!
Thanks for your visit, I couldn't answer earlier for I was away for the weekend!

Liz said...

THose are great photos. it looks very beautiful.

Small City Scenes said...

Fascinating. What a cool Bridge od Strings. I love it.
BTW--did you get my proper Email. It is on my profile--I think. MB

The D in D & T said...

brilliant photography! the bridge looks great too - it must be quite stunning in person.

Catherine said...

Fantastic pictures.
It seems as if the bridge was a net to catch clouds! Very beautiful effect, it soars up toward the sky.( you could have used this for Sky Watch).
There is always controversy with new buildings. According to me, this special one is a real success. I would like to see it for real to have a better idea, but according to your pictures, I find it great!