Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Torah scroll but not a real one because it was not hand-written by a scribe.
True, believe it or not: This "Torah" was made in China!
A kosher Torah and team of rabbis. On the right is Herman E. Schaalman of Chicago, my Rabbi, teacher, spiritual father since 1961. Toda (thank you), dear Rabbi!


reader Wil said...

That's interesting: a Torah from China! How is the situation there, is there freedom of religion? The Torah is handled with more care and dignity than our bibles, although I handle any book with care. I remember though that when I was young I highlighted certain verses from the Bible, because I found them very important or beautiful. This will not happen with the Torah!!

Dina said...

Yes, it is always a special feeling and honor to hold a real Torah scroll in the synagogue.
Hmm, when I wrote this post, I never even thought about the possibility of Jewish communities still in China. I was thinking more, Oh no--a Torah printed in China?--just one more Made in China thing to sell to the Westerners. Will have to research your question.

nonizamboni said...

Dina--do you know Rabbi Pickholtz at Bay Shul in Buffalo Grove? My daughter studied there for a couple of years before leaving for med school. He had a wonderful family of boys!

Musings said...

I thought I read somewhere that there were Jews living in China as well? Is this the cutest little boy ever?

Dina said...

Musings--Well, yeah, OK, he is.
Noni--No, sorry, didn't know that rabbi. I lived on the North Side in the city of Chicago until 1968.

Rhea said...

Cute, cute kiddo in the photos! Very cool Torah