Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stalks of color in a dry landscape

A brave attempt to add color to the grayness of stone and the brownness of summer.


Jennifer in OR said...

Beautiful! I live in the desert and love to see spots of color among the browns and grays.

JC said...

Dina, Thanks for coming by my site. I was thrilled to hear from you. Thank you for the advice. I am coming with a group (Church) of 25-30 people. Basically we will be doing the tourist thing until the last day we are to help with a mission in Jerusalem. We were told $30 Dollars a day would be sufficient for uncovered meals plus bring money to shop. We were told to bring a long skirt that would slip over our shorts or capris and something to cover our heads for the churches and also not to wear halter tops. Also, if we (the women) don't know if we can speak then keep silent.

I'm amazed by nature's way of thriving in adverse conditions. Great pic.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful composition

reader Wil said...

Beautiful! This must be a very brave and strong plant!

Jerez said...

I see seeds!
Reminds me I have lupin seeds to collect!
Seeds fascinate me, and I'd notice those seeds in all that drab colorless landscape too.

I wonder what the flower looked like?
Anyway, I'm feeling a bit like that landscape, wilted! Hot here.

Dick said...

That's remarkable (lol). We need water too, it won't be long and our landscape is the same as yours.