Thursday, June 19, 2008

Earning our daily bread

"God gave burdens, also shoulders."
--Yiddish proverb

(To better enjoy the details of motion, click on this photo to enlarge.)

After finishing my weekly shopping evening at Shuk Mahaneh Yehuda outdoor market, I just had to stand and watch in admiration at the expert way the man in the truck lifted the heavy sack and let it down on the other man's shoulder. A little white cloud puffed out around the porter's head each time and he walked in and out of a bakery many times, so I assume it was flour. "Jerusalem" is printed on the sacks under a drawing of the city. .
Temperatures in the 90s F or low 30s C (all week). I wondered how many hours the men had already been working since morning.

Then I shouldered my backpack full of nuts, dried legumes, and vegetables and picked up my two tote bags full of fruit, fish, and chocolate and started walking to the first of my two buses to the moshav. And you know, suddenly my own burden was not as heavy as it seemed before taking this photo.


Dick said...

Hi Dina, now you can walk twice as far with your own burden. Isn't your chocolate melted in those temperatures? Thank you for your visits and nice comments I appreciate it very much. I will add you in my linkbox if that is oke with you?

Donna said...

I see Dick has left you a comment! His photos are Beautiful!! You'll love his site...I also love your thoughts for todays're a loving person...happiness to you sweetheart...hughugs

reader Wil said...

God also gave wheels, so I never carry heavy bags anymore. I have my luggage on wheels, my shoppng bag anything! I love the Jewish proverbs. I had once a lovely book with Jewish wisdom.I gave it to somebody who needed it. Now I am looking for another book like that. It's a beautiful post! Your story is very nice. You're a good story teller.

nonizamboni said...

That's how it is with empathy--it strengthens us! Thanks for a gentle reminder to look away from myself once in awhile.

Jerez said...

I take a lesson with me every day I visit here, and it helps me be open hearted.
In a world that can seem 'heavy' if you don't take note of your broader world, your examples mean alot..

Reader's right, you're a good story teller! I'm glad you took the time to share some "light'.

Louis la Vache said...

The proverb is perfect for this photo!
The title is just right, too - the subtle irony of the men earning their daily bread by delivering flour!

Tipper said...

I just love this post-what would we do without the folks like the one shouldering the bags?

Catherine said...

One worker/porter for 2 at rest!
I love these pictures of the daily life. Especially, in your blog.
For instance, when you say : "walking to my first bus" I realize life go ahead, life is stronger than fear.

USelaine said...

A wonderful post it is - our ordinary lives in a sacred simplicity.

Small City Scenes said...

Great proverb. I always said to my kids when they were whining. "I cried because I had no shoes--and then I met a man who had no feet".

Dina, could you email me a pic of your/or any prayer house so I could post it on my Holy Houses blog? Please.

Liz said...

That's a great proverb.

I love your shopping bag '... and chocolate'. Very wise.

Petrea said...

A wonderful tale and photo of life and livelihood. It's hot here, too, but my burdens are not so great. Thank you for the reminder.