Friday, July 2, 2010

At the bar

This Day . . . in Jewish History is a fascinating blog.
Today I learned that on this day in the year 419 was born Valentinian III, the Roman Emperor who issued a decree prohibiting Jews from practicing law and holding public office.
As you can see from the nice building of the Israel Bar Jerusalem Law Center (and the two lawyers at the door), we have come a long way.


Kay said...

And when Elena Kagan is confirmed to the supreme court she will be the 2nd Jewish woman to be a Supreme Court Justice. Isn't it wonderful?

VP said...

The only thing I remember of this emperor is that he was a character in Hal Foster's Prince Valiant...

Kate said...

And, discrimination has a way of being eliminated by wiser folks. Only problem is that it usually takes too long. Let's hear it for justice!!

Dina said...

Kay, thanks for that welcome addition.

Well, I had never heard of Valentinian.

Kate, nice.
The Bible says "Justice, justice shalt thou pursue." I guess 'cause it keeps running away from us.

RuneE said...

I wish all the world had come a long way, but we have far to go.

Jew wishes said...

I like the photos...especially how the green of the vine stands out against the architecture, in the second photo.

I am excited for Elena Kagan and her confirmation.

Thanks for the bit of history.

Shabbat Shalom.

melamed&mavin said...

I want to thank you for your kind words about This Day In Jewish History.

Petrea said...

It's good news.

Somewhere in the world, even now, people are making decisions about other people based on ethnicity. We must keep making forward leaps until that can't happen to anyone.