Friday, July 16, 2010

Moon dwarfed by pines

Hey, how did the moon get so small?

Hundreds of weekly participants are celebrating the 3rd birthday of SkyWatch Friday today!

Bloggers from over 80 countries have been getting to know each other by sharing their skies.

Mazal tov to the meme's founder, Dot. And thanks to those who followed her in leading the way: Tom, Klaus, and team Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, and Sylvia.


spacedlaw said...

Barely a pin point:
Maybe the night's coat is pierced?

Eki said...

the moon looks like a tiny diamond! it's amazing what distance can do to dwarf things (literally and metaphorically).

RuneE said...

Either you have a large tree or a small moon... :-)

PS1 No relation - from a course in portraiture

PS2 The foundation of a radar dome

James said...

Nice shot! I really like night photos but I never take them. This is inspiring.

JM said...

Great entry! Cool and spooky! :-)

VP said...

Darks skies, not a bad idea and a spectacular image.

Kay said...

I love how the moon looks like it's growing out of the pine branch. It's a lovely concept.