Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So close!

Three days ago a forest fire began near the spring in the valley just below my village.

Besides burning 250 acres of woodland, it totalled several dozen cars.
Today I found seven burnt cars still there in Hadassah hospital's parking lots.
I imagine these are the older vehicles that lacked insurance.
Their poor owners. What a shock for them.

Look how close to the Hadassah Medical Center buildings the fire came!

They were on high alert, ready to evacuate the patients if necessary.
I fear it never would have worked.
We who work or live in the Jerusalem Hills are surrounded by forested hills and few roads.
If these are on fire you are in big trouble.

A long white chicken coop in my moshav is visible through what was the window of the car.
The fire was stopped at the very gate of the village.
And the airplanes and firetrucks and firemen contained the blaze at the doors of Hadassah.
I would call that a miracle!
We are so grateful.
UPDATE 2018:  All about our National Fire and Rescue Authority at their website.


cieldequimper said...

Close indeed, and always better cars than homes or worse still people.

Sara said...

Thank God the fire was stopped where it was! That would have been rather frightening to see it coming so close.

Anonymous said...

About three years ago we used to clean the balcony two times a day of ash, swimming in the morning much further out, as close to the shore, there was ash as well ... hope that everyone is safe, and yes, these summer fires are a challenge indeed. May time and life continue to treat you all kind. A great THANK YOU for the recent comments, much appreciated indeed !

daily athens

tikno said...

Whether the fire was intentional or happened naturaly ?

Louis la Vache said...

Again this reminds «Louis» of the Oakland Hills fire he linked to in your Sunday post. Very frightening.

Jew Wishes said...

What compelling photos of the fire.

I'm glad you are safe.

VP said...

Not sure this is the best ending, but surely could have been much worse!

Hilda said...

A miracle and blessing indeed. That is so scary.

JM said...

This is awful and reminds me of what is going on here... It has been a very hot week and fires is what you most watch on the news. They are everywhere even in not Red Code areas!

JM said...


Pillory is also the translation of the portuguese word 'pelourinho' that consists of a stone column where people were tied for public punishment and humiliation. You can find them at the main square of almost all old towns in Portugal (and Brazil). Despite the awful practice, some of them are truly beautiful stone works.

You were not the only one to be intrigued with the meaning of the word! :-)))
I will make a P.S. on the post now.

tapirgal said...

Despite unlucky cars and tress, there were some very lucky people, indeed. Sad for the uninsured and the forest. About that rose test garden. They do test varieties, and we were just a little early for roses to be in bloom.

Pietro said...

Interesting post, Dina. I think the fire is due to spontaneous combustion, isn't it?

Eki said...

What had caused the fire? Was it the drought?

Reader Wil said...

What an ordeal! I hate fires and the damage they cause.

spacedlaw said...

Yickes! Now I see it. Very scary indeed.

Kay said...

Absolutely incredible. Thank goodness they were able to stop the flames from going further.