Saturday, July 10, 2010

A flying peacock!

When my American friends were visiting, we rented a car and circled the Sea of Galilee.

Here you can see the blue of the sea behind the Monastery of the Twelve Apostles (popularly know as the Greek Orthodox Capernaum).
But there is something even better than this photo's donkey that I want to show you for Camera-Critters Sunday.

As we walked in the monastery grounds, I heard the shrill cry of a peacock.
It looked like he was getting ready to jump off the roof so I quickly raised the camera!

Ta-daa! Have you ever seen a peacock flying?!?
He was gliding right toward me!

The monks seem to like birds. There was an aviary.
And many peacocks and peahens were roaming and hunting for food all over the lush gardens.

The birds must see thousands of pilgrims and tourists every week, so they are people-friendly.


Martha in PA said...

Great pictures. I don't ever recall one flying. I have a funny story- we were at a park with peacocks roaming free. Very shiny black car in parking lot, peacock saw his reflection and was attacking the car!!! Have a great day!
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Martha in PA said...

Oops... I messed up the link to my CC.

eileeninmd said...

Great photos and I have not seen a peacock flying. They are beautiful birds.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I have never seen one fly before. That's an exciting capture!

VP said...

I posted a peacock recently...

Eki said...

What a marvelous moment (series of moments) you captured in these pictures, Dina!

The only time I've seen a peacock flying (before this one) was the forest.

Robin said...

How wonderful, I've never seen one actually flying!

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ksdoolittle said...

That's a pretty awesome shot!! ~karen

Kay said...

I didn't know peacocks could fly! Wow! I figured they might just sort of glide if they needed to but I've never seen one off the ground. I'm afraid there are neighborhoods in Hawaii that really consider the birds pests because they're so loud.

wenn said...

i hvn't seen a flying peacock before.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Wow, what a fantastic capture. I have never seen one fly so this is a treat. Great shots.