Friday, July 30, 2010

Inn reflections

Friends Kristine and Mark and I looked for a modest place to stay for one night in Tiberias last month.

The pilgrim inn that we found was built in 1907 by ANSMI, the Associazione Nazionale per Soccorrere i Missionari Italiani.
For its first decades the building served as a school for children.
Since 2001 it has been the Oasis San Francesco, and now Oasis Emmanuel, run by the Emmanuel Community which is part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Kristine popped out of her room at 7:00 p.m.
She and her door are reflected in the full length mirror.
The big wardrobe looked so old and mysterious that I dared not open it, fearing I would be pulled through into Narnia. ;)

I did, however, take a look BEHIND the wardrobe and found--no, not a lion--but a nest!

So THAT'S why the pigeon was pacing nervously by the rail, waiting for us to go away.
At 6:55 a.m. the already-risen sun, playing with clouds, was turning the Sea of Galilee silver.
As the non-native-English webpage of the Oasis so charmingly says,
"The simplicity of the rooms is compensated for the eyesight overlooking the lake and Golan Heights."
I was happy to find these reflections for our growing group at James' Weekend Reflections.
Shabbat shalom.


Turquoise Diaries said...

I think you have found your own Narnia Dina..A nest behind the wardrobe...Thats what I call interesting :))

Eki said...

I gigled when you mentioned that you were afraid to open the wardrobe because you were afraid of finding Narnia ... :D

I like look and the style of the building from its windows and doors. They somewhat reminded me of old houses in my village.

michael said...

I love that nest. And I'm glad that you weren't pulled into Narnia. It might be interesting, though.

James said...

That is a very beautiful reflection! I like the almost black and white look and the shinning sun light.

Regina said...

Interesting find and lovely reflections!

Happy Weekend

Carolyn Ford said...

Wow, the Sea of Galilee reflected in that window...simply amazing. That is so beautiful!

Reader Wil said...

When I was a child we stayed in a holiday bungalow. Every afternoon a bantam cock and his hen entered our livingroom. Nervously he entered first to see if the coast was clear. When everything was all right he called his wife and she followed obediently and after a lot of cackling she laid a very tiny egg behind a cupboard! Every afternoon on the dot they came!

amar said...

shalom beautiful Dina,
I see you are travelling light again on the sea of Galilee-beautiful.

Ok there is Narnia and how about those eggs will thy hatch into a Harry Potter creature?

have a beautiful magical day.I guess it is not difficult when you live around the sea of Galilee.

Hels said...

Wonderful stuff, finding a pilgrim inn that was built in 1907. Most old buildings have been turned into something else, alas.

Your comment immediately made me think of A Pigeon and a Boy, by Meir Shalev :)

Pietro said...

Wonderful reflection of the cloudy sky in the window!

tapirgal said...

Fun post and beautiful reflection. I thought immediately of a place I stayed in Taormina.

VP said...

A nice place and a beautiful light.
Do not expect any sympathy toward pigeons, born or unborn, from these quarters.
P.S. - The strange sounding English sentence sounds perfectly if translated literally in Italian...

JM said...

What a find behind the wardrobe, amazing! You made me smile at the Narnia thing! :-)

Francisca said...

These simple accommodations always tell and make better stories than the generic and safe Holiday Inn! Glad to be along for your ride, Dina. Nice captures.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Love the fact that the rooms are simple to all the focus on nature!

Ann said...

can't imagine staying in a building this old. I like the eggs. I have a photo of the Australia coot's nest. i haven't used it yet.

Kay said...

I hope the birds were able to hatch safely. What a wonderful find! Have a terrific adventure.

Gypsy Lala said...

It is so interesting, a nest! Abeautiful reflection too.