Saturday, April 24, 2010

For the Armenians

In honor of this day, let's visit the Catholic church of the Armenian rite located in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City.

This khachkar, or stone-cross, greets you in the courtyard.
Yes, today, April 24, is the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day.

I read on an Armenian website that "A liturgy for the Armenian Genocide victims will take place in Armenian churches of Israel and Jerusalem Patriarchate of the Armenian Apostolic Church on April 24. The liturgy will bring together Israeli Knesset and government members, as well as representatives of the Armenian community of Jerusalem."

The main altar.

Down in the crypt everything is darker.
This, the 4th Station of the Cross on the Via Dolorosa, commemorates where Mary saw Jesus passing with his cross.
The tradition is that Mary fainted or swooned or expressed her sorrow with convulsions of grief, hence the name of the churches that have stood on this spot since at least the Middle Ages: the Church of Our Lady of the Spasm.
A solitary nun sat in silent contemplation in the small glassed-in modern chapel in the crypt.
Whatever the historical facts and numbers of victims really are, may God bless the Armenian people, who carry their painful memory like a heavy cross, unacknowledged by many countries.
UPDATE: Nestor at "Every day is a holiday" has posted a short thoughtful history of the events.


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful set of pictures in this post. And the thought behind it is amazing.

Kelly K said...

Lovely photos and sentiments.

Hilda said...

There is so much I don't know. I had to look it up first. Another horrible event — just too many, so much evil.

Leif Hagen said...

Dina - I give you an A plus for your posting with those great interior photos! So many bloggers take great exterior church photos and neglect to show us the church interior! That was like a big, fat piece of chocolate cake for me! Thanks!

VP said...

And still they are debating if this was a genocide or not... Impressive and beautiful images of a place I have no idea it existed.

JM said...

Great post! I especially like the third photo.

moneythoughts said...

Thanks for the photos and the information. The struggle against human injustice to our fellow humans is the story of world history. The forces of good against the forces of evil are played out every day in the world. Some times the forces of good win and some times the forces of evil are successful, but only because the forces of good stand by and do or say nothing. When the majority of people in the world realize that what the Jewish people have been struggling to achieve - Shalom (peace), then perhaps they will join us.

Jew Wishes said...

What a beautiful set of photos and so poignant are the sentiments.

It's incomprehensible...that the debate over Armenian genocide continues...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of this information, always learning.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

I was just recently reading an article about the US Congress trying to pass a motion that would condemn this genocide.

Author of the article was wondering if it would pass because mentioning this genocide is not considered PC -- it will make countries angry at the US.

So crazy.

There *was* a genocide. I say the US get some backbone and condemn it as genocide. Let the consequences fall where they may.


Kim, USA said...

I always love your post Dina it always brings great information. I love visiting adoration chapel and be alone. In the Philippines I used to do it and adoration chapel are open there 24/7 with security guard/s because you don't have to bring your things inside except a bible, devotional books, rosary etc. So somebody has to look at your things while you are praying inside. Thanks for this post!