Friday, April 30, 2010

Jerusalem's dearth of statues

After CDP bloggers chose statues for our Theme Day, I realized that it is almost impossible to find a statue of a person on the streets of Jerusalem.
Maybe it's the influence of the old biblical prohibition against making graven images.

The Tower of David Museum does have statues, however, as it must in order to show the history of Jerusalem. They are copies of the originals.
Here is the infamous emperor Hadrian.

One of those Roman soldiers who lived here in Jerusalem when they turned it into the pagan Aelia Capitolina.
Click here to view thumbnails for all participants and see what statues their cities offer.


Susie of Arabia said...

I too had trouble coming up with this theme - there are NO statues in Saudi Arabia! Is the lack of them in Israel based on religion also? I do like the 2 that you posted, especially the first one.

J Bar said...

These are amazing.
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Cloudia said...

you never fail to interest & teach!

Aloha from Hawaii

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Hilda said...

Beautiful, finely detailed statues and another fascinating post about Jerusalem's rich but too violent history. Thank you again, Dina.

CafebyJW said...

You did a great pick already, beautiful!

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Theme Day ~ Statue

Kay said...

These are really amazing statues. They are such a great record of the past.

Jilly said...

How interesting there are so few statues in Jerusalem. Well this is a fine one of Hadrian.

VP said...

It's a pity it says 'statue' and not 'monument' because I would have liked to see the Davidka!

Bergson said...

a great choice

cieldequimper said...

Once again I have learned something. Thank you Dina.

Dina said...

Thank you, dear friends, for your visit and comments!

Susie, see? Saudi Arabia and Israel have something in common. :)
I have never heard it said so, but I suspect the lack of people statues in Jerusalem is for the sensibilities of Orthodox Jews and Muslims, i.e. no "graven images."
I see statues only in museums and churches.

VP, sorry to tell you, the Davidka is all covered up while they construct a new square around it. I think for several years even. Part of the general mess of construction on Jaffa Road.

Leif Hagen said...

I especially like the Roman solider statue! I would have gone up and posed with him!

Louis la Vache said...

Fine choices for the meme, Dina - and very interesting to read about the dearth of statues in Jerusalem.

spacedlaw said...

A mighty bust of Hadrian (I recognized him instantly. Weird when you think we've never met).