Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grand Priory of the Hospitaler Knights . . .

A cat enjoys the shadow of a flagpole in the Old City of Jerusalem, providing fodder for both Camera-Critters and Shadow Shot Sunday.

Please enlarge the photo to read the history!
The complex in back of this stone is called the Muristan (bimaristan meaning "hospital" in Persian).
After the Hospitaler knights left their headquarters on the Temple Mount, they took up residence in the Muristan.
The order was founded during the First Crusade and is also known as the Order of St. John.
These knights, entrusted with caring for the health of Crusaders and pilgrims, built a hospital here.
As you can learn from the inscription, "the Grand Priory in the British Realm" followed their example in more recent times.


Hels said...

I would love to see the building,,, is there much of the the Muristan still left in visiting condition?

andrea said...

this cat is great

Kay said...

This is the perfect post for now, Dina. We need all prayers and thoughts for good hospital care for our dear friend.

Irina said...

So interesting text and illustration!

VP said...

I remember the place vaguely, so your picture and the text are perfect to refresh my failing memories!

Anonymous said...

If only they would build hospitals to measure time and the gift of life. Please have a good and safe start into the new week. Thanking you as well much upon the kind words from you.

daily athens

Hey Harriet said...

That's great! And it appears that the cat is a little camera shy :)

Rob and Mandy said...

You really like cats, Dina!

Anonymous said...

So nice to see. I saw a special about this on television not that long ago. Knights Templar or something similar. Enjoyed it.

Dina said...

Thanks all, for your interesting comments.
It's not that I seek cats to photograph, it's just that there are so many stray cats in this country, it's hard to get a picture without one.

VP, yeah, it's next to the Lutheran Redeemer Church.

Hels, it is always behind a locked gate. There are buildings in use back there. I'll try to find out.