Saturday, September 18, 2010

The sun has set on another Yom Kippur

Funny how the part of the shadow on the boulder makes my top half look like it's covered with fuzzy fur.

We just came out of a long day of Yom Kippur liturgy and 25 hours of no-food no-water fasting.
I expected to feel like a shadow of my former self or even, as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. once put it, a shadow of my former shadow.
But no!
This year the Day of Atonement brought no hunger and no headache.
It DID bring a good feeling of a new beginning.
This shadow is offered to Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday.


Greyscale Territory said...

A beautiful moment! Love the colour tone round the shadow!

Kay said...

I don't believe I've ever fasted although I probably could use some. But, no water? That would be hard. I wish you much peace and happiness in the new year.

Dr M said...

G'mar chatimah tovah.

katney said...

Well connected between the meme and the specialness of the day.

Hels said...

Yom Kippur ended here after 25 hours that felt like 30 hours. It seems to be getting longer, each year we get older!

Anyhow have a healthy and happy new year.

Pietro said...

Dina, I wish you a good prayer in these days so important.
Our churches are closed during the night as well: generally they are open from about 7 am to about 19 pm.

Robin said...

Great shadow. I'm glad your fast went well. We were all about bikes over here - M was out riding around the neighborhood (training wheels still on) and Jay and Itai rode all the way to Herzliah and back!

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M.Kate said...

An interesting shadow shot :)

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

I love the colour of the sahdow, and the meaning that you have put with it

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Welcome your shadow—
it is you as well as your
more substantial self.

Shadowy St. Whoever

VP said...

A nice post and a significant image!

Petrea said...

Lovely. A new beginning is a good feeling.

Dina said...

Thank you, friends, for sharing your ideas.

Kay, when you are fasting for a spiritual purpose and with an entire People, it is not so hard.

Hels, well, here the religious political parties managed to have Israel Daylight Saving Time end on Sept. 12, so psychologically at least, the end of the fast came faster because the sun went down an hour early.

Jew Wishes said...

I am glad you had a meaningful Yom Kippur, and that you fel revived.