Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One more day


Today is the Hoshanah Raba holiday.
These men are praying at the Western Wall with lulav and etrog.
The one in the foreground is wearing a fur streimel, the traditional hat worn by certain branches of haredim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) on festive occasions.
In a few hours the joyous holiday of Simchat Torah begins; and tomorrow night the week of Sukkot will come to an end.
I have not gone into Jerusalem and the Old City all week, wanting to avoid the press of the multitudes and the intense heat of this never-ending summer. I have not even been inside a sukkah.
But I can offer you holiday posts from last year and the year before, in case you missed some.

Beating the willow on Hoshanah Rabah at the Kotel
About Simchat Torah and the Chagall windows synagogue
My first time inside the men's world of the four species market
The yearly shuk of the four species
Myrtle, willow, and palm branches at the shuk arba'at haminim

Selecting the perfect lulav
Dwelling in a temporary hut
Super-sukkah at the Western Wall Plaza
Chabad sukkah-mobiles in Rome and New York, and selecting the right lulav
About Simchat Torah, grandson Dean with a baby Torah scroll, and Seth Brown's new Torah translation in verse
Shalom and chag sa-me-ach, happy holiday!


Jew Wishes said...

The links are wonderful!

Chag Sameach to you and yours.

Reader Wil said...

Happy holiday, Dina! So interesting and yet so complicated to understand and to take it all in. Thanks for sharing!

Eki said...

I remember some of the posts related to this holiday that you posted last year. Fascinating!

Happy Holiday, Dina! (or is it Chag Sameach? - I don't know what it means but read it from Jew Wishes comment.)

Dina said...

Jew Wishes, thanks, same to you.

Eki, chag sa-MEH-ach is Hebrew for "happy holiday."

Wil, thanks. You're right, it's all way too complicated.

VP said...

Not much has changed at the Wall...
Happy Holiday!

Anonymous said...

May it be the beginning of a peaceful time. Of much interest the links.
Please have you all a good Thursday and holiday as well.

daily athens

jack69 said...

I see one could learn a lot here.
Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog.

Looking over the blog here you have some interesting pictures and history.

B SQUARED said...

Shalom to you!

Cloudia said...

Happy Holiday!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

spacedlaw said...

Happy holiday!

Kay said...

I remember the Lazars had a sukkah that they let all the kids go in and experience. I have a feeling Tif and Jon wanted one, too. Have a happy day, Dina.

Trotter said...

Hi Dina! Happy holiday!!

Blogtrotter Two is almost leaving Costa Smeralda. But still has some new pictures for you to enjoy!!! Drop a line and have a great week!

Pietro said...

Happy Holiday, Dina!
You rightly say "never-ending summer": yesterday I've seen in the worlds temperature map 32° C in Jerusalem and I've thought of you.