Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flowing olive oil

Pure, beautiful oil running from the press, extracted from the countless olives I helped my nun friends pick.
This was a magic moment!
It was my first time (2006) to see the whole process with all the modern Italian machinery.
You can see how our region's olives are pressed there, at the Latrun Monastery, in my earlier post.
And see here how smiling expert olive farmers come from Italy to prune some of our local olive trees.
Any food eaten with or cooked in olive oil has to be good.
You're invited to join Rob and Mandy's fun new FOOD meme at Barcelona Daily Photo.


Rob and Mandy said...

Oh what a wonderful thing! And the color of the oil! Toda raba, Dina!

cieldequimper said...

Hmmmm. A bounty.

Robin said...

Look at that rich color, I'll bet that oil is amazing.

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Jack said...

I'm with you. Any food with extra virgin olive oil is heavenly.

Kate said...

That must have been great fun as well as highly instructive. Nothing better than virgin olive oil.

Petrea said...

Everything tastes better cooked in olive oil, except maybe ice cream.

Sara said...

Delicious! And thanks for the link to last year's post, I enjoyed reading about how it's made and seeing the photos. Yes, olive oil is wonderful.

Leif Hagen said...

Olive oil? Are you sure it's not pea soup?! But then, what do I know - I've never picked olives before!
Happy New Year, Dina
: - )

Ann said...

How many trees you have to shake from to get enough olive to feel that big tin of oil?

crederae said...

Wow what an exotic process this is to me.


WISHING YOU THE VERY BEST FOR 2011 and may your blog fluorish for years to come.

love and light

Sara said...

Dina, todah rabah for the Taize link: I went there and printed it out....listened too. I appreciate it. Sara

VP said...

It's always beautiful to see some oul poured... I can't explan why, but I like to see this!
Italian experts, this sounds almost an oximoron!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

My parents planted two olive trees around 45 years ago. So prolific are they that my mother has them sprayed each year to keep them from producing fruit. Wouldn't it be great to find itenerent Italian olive farmers willing to go around and harvest these otherwise decorative trees?

Jilly said...

That oil is so wonderfully green. A super post, Dina. I couldn't live without olive oil. Basil olive oil is good too - really impregnated with the smell.