Monday, December 20, 2010

So many

All your manger needs (and then some!) can be found in the Old City shops and

in the Franciscan church's gift shop in Ein Kerem.


Francisca said...

What are these little manger pieces made of? Clay? They look too rustic/organic to be made of resin. Would you believe I spent over a decade in the production / export end of just such seasonal and touristy products?

Dina said...

Hi Francisca. That sounds like fun, your job.
I didn't have time to look closely at the babies, but I think they were of clay. From Italy maybe?
The donkeys are the typical Palestinian handcrafts make from olive wood.

Eki said...

Well, Chistmas is in the air! These mangers (?) will soon find home in the homes of those who celebrate it and the churches.

Jew Wishes said...

Nice captures of the wares.

Kay said...

This must have been so much fun to look at!

VP said...

The first thing people asked me from my trips in Israel was a manger. I bought so many that I got extra discounts (beyond the udsual haggling) from an Arab merchant in the Old CIty.

Reader Wil said...

Christmas is selling its products all over the world. An opportunity to earn money, like in the old days, the idols in pagan temples.
Our shops are also displaying and selling Christmas decorations.
I wish you a great week and a very happy New Year.