Friday, December 17, 2010

Herrnhuter Stern, reflected

Shadows of night at Church of the Ascension in the Augusta Victoria compound on Mount of Olives.
Strange what tricks stairs play on otherwise-normal shadows.
And by day, a nice reflection of the fortress-like walls.
The German Lutheran church is decorated with a Moravian star, a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem. And indeed, Bethlehem is very near.
Wikipedia has the interesting story of how the Moravian star's geometry took shape.
In German it is called the Herrnhuter Stern, named for the Moravian mother community in East Saxony, Germany, where the decorations were first commercially produced.
The Herrnhut Star Company in that city has been producing original Herrnhut Advent and Christmas stars for over 160 years.
(The reflections and shadows are "Christmas gifts" for James at Weekend Reflections
and Hey Harriet at Shadow Shot Sunday.)
Shabbat shalom to all.


Malyss said...

Very subtil catch!

Becky Chalet said...

The shadow in the first photo looks like a Chinese paper lantern.

VP said...

I have seen these stars around but didn't know the name!
(Your link to Wikipedia goes to Newton DP...)

Dina said...

Hi Malyss, I get nervous when I have to aim at people, so I shot and ran. hehe But yeah, maybe it's good a bit blurry so the faces are not recognizable.

Becky Chalet, shalom! Oh gosh, you're right!

VP, me too; I knew the stars had a name but I had to search for it.
Thanks a million for catching my wrong link. It's fixed now.

Francisca said...

What pleasant Christmas gifts... I too did not know it was called a Moravian star (or Herrnhuter Stern).

Turquoise Diaries said...

Nice shadows and thanks for sharing the info about the star..

Jørgen Carlsen said...

As always you give a lot of information Dina. I didn't know Herrnhuter Stern - and shall follow the link. I very much like your sunset yesterday, and understand you would like a little snow. In Denmark it is snowing, we have got all too much allready this winter. I can't rembember such a long prewinter winter.

'Tsuki said...

Une bien jolie étoile de la nativité, pour un superbe reflet... Très bien vu.

Elisa said...

So nice!

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

How interesting to see a Moravian star in Jerusalem. Great history on them. I love the city daily photo for all that we learn. From you, we learn so much about religion.

We've got our Moravian star shining as we're in the heart of Moravian country (in the Southern USA, at least). Old Salem is just down the road.

Dr. Mooney said...

Thanks for your blog! I learn so much about Israel and hope to visit one day when I retire from teaching.
Shabbat Shalom!

Hey Harriet said...

Love the day/night shadow captures. My fave is the night photo! Wonderful!

DeLi said...


LauraX said...

I love the way the shadow is "ascending" the stairs! Beautiful photo Dina.