Friday, December 3, 2010

Precious drops

The national water company's pipe was leaking at their little station in my village.
The suspended water drop contains a strange reflection. Is it me??
Whatever it is, it is for James' Weekend Reflections.
Water, hoses, and firefighting are on every Israeli's mind.
The forest fires on Mt. Carmel near Haifa began yesterday and continue.
Today we started to bury some of the 42 casualties.
We are so touched and grateful to all the countries that are sending aircraft, firemen, and flame retardant.
Thank you, bless you, friends and neighbors!


Sylvia K said...

Whatever it is it's a terrific capture, so tiny and there is a reflection! Hope things get better quickly in regards to the forest fires, glad there has been so much help from other countries. Stay safe!


JM said...

What a great find, Dina! Clever entry on the theme.

I'm so sorry about the fires, I know the situation is not yet under control but I really hope it will be very soon.

Dimple said...

I don't know, is it you?

It's a tragedy about the fire and how many lives it has claimed. Many are praying for the families. May God comfort you, and heal the injured quickly!

Anonymous said...

Impressive how a whole life fits into a single drop.

Please be you all safe.

daily athens

Lesley said...

water is indeed a precious commodity.

Kay said...

What an incredible photo, Dina! I can't believe you were able to catch that drop!

I'm so glad other countries are coming to lend a hand. I sure hope the fire is put out quickly. I'm sorry for the sad loss of life.

VP said...

Danger often come from unespected angles. This sory of the fire is terrible and I sincerely hope that it will come to an end quickly and without further loss of life.

'Tsuki said...

A drop that is so valuable...

Nice sharing, once again.

Becky Chalet said...

Precious drop, precious catch. Nice.