Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Remember the widow, the orphan, . . .

There were things I could hardly believe when I saw this car.
1. Its PA system was blaring a recorded message.
2. It was parked at a super-busy bus-stop-only curb near Jerusalem's Central Bus Station.
3. No one was inside.
On closer inspection I found a cup hanging on the open window, waiting for our donations.
The signs enjoined to "Remember first the poor of your own city."
The organization is Yad Ezra Veshulamit, one of many that help the poor with food, clothing, and services.
In a country of almost 7.5 million souls, 1.5 are under the poverty line.
Jerusalem has one of the highest rates of poverty.
Children go hungry. It's a crying shame.
When I passed the car again a short time later, the driver was back.
A gray-bearded religious man, he sat quietly, reading Psalms.
I guess he figured that only an extremely hard-hearted policeman would give him a ticket or tell him to move on.


Schwindler Zvi said...

Hi "we shall overcome one day"
please step in my blog too.

Kate said...

This certainly is a novel way to collect donations for a worthy cause. I am somewhat surprised at your statistics re. the poverty level.

Sara said...

Thank God for organizations such as this and the many volunteers who keep them going.

Rob and Mandy said...

Same problem here, so many people sleeping on the streets and in the parks, with temperatures going down to freezing point. Spain is not a very social state.
Meeting Cezar and Leia from Luxembourg Daily Photo tomorrow. Nice!

VP said...

When I was there, long time ago, the bomb squad arrived quickly for much less than an abandoned car.

Magia da Inês said...

♫°° Amiga,

°º♫ Para você em 2011:

° • ♫ "Os sonhos realizados...
°º ♫°° ♫♫ O amor esperado...
° ·. •*• ♫ A esperança renovada..."

Brasil °º♫
° ·.

Dina said...

Shalom Zvi. I did step into your blog. Very interesting.

Kate, yes on both points.

Sara, true, many volunteers and contributors.

Rob and Mandy, how was your meeting? :)

VP, things are a lot quieter this year.

Magia da Ines, shalom to you in Brasil.