Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to nature

In yesterday's post I said the Hebrew University has many places that even little kids can enjoy.
Some readers assumed that meant dedicated playgrounds, but actually I showed only an art installation and the Nature Walk. Maybe I should explain better, with some more pictures.

The wooden Nature Walk goes just above rocks and plants, the same terrain that was there when construction of the university's second campus in Givat Ram began in 1953.
It loops around for a long walk or jog. It is wheel chair and stroller friendly.
You can walk your dog there--or your grandsons (like I did last year).

You feel like you are in the wilderness. It is so quiet. Almost no one to be seen.
Some corners of the elevated walkway have benches.
At several points there are stairs down to the ground.
That is what I meant, that little kids know how to explore and enjoy any place by using their imagination. They loved roaming down on the earth.
Eyal looked on as Dean examined the porcupine quill he had just found. A rare find!

Why did Dean climb the boulder? Because it was there!

And then we found a mysterious red mark that invited the three of us to observe and interpret it.
All this was much more fun than playing on swings and seesaws!


Cloudia said...

What fun!

Aloha from Hawaii Dina

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Ann said...

That's wonderful.

Suzanne said...

So many places with so much beauty. Thanks, I also love the shadow photo of the grands.

Catherine said...

Of course, a nice place to explore when you're a kid....or not anymore. I'm with you Dina, better than playing electronic games, for sure.

Dick said...

Nice and interesting place, great pictures of your grandkids.

VP said...

As I have already said I like this place and your grandkids are really photogenic.

katney said...

And bless the children who realize it--and the parents who allow them to realize it. Children need that time to explore unfettered

Pietro said...

Beautiful images! They remind me a bit of the climbing kids pictures I've posted in Summer!

Kay said...

They are such sweeties, Dina! How lucky you are.