Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chicken to bring peace


Homer Simpson and family have just toured the Holy Land, having been invited by their Christian neighor Ned Flanders, who is always trying to redeem Homer.
The episode of their visit in Jerusalem will be televised tomorrow, Palm Sunday, all across America on Fox.
(We in Israel will have to wait for it to come here. )
"The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed" --great title, eh?
An average of 100 tourists per year fall under the sway of Jerusalem Syndrome. Some 40% even need hospitalization.
And sure enough, Homer starts believing he is the messiah.
If you see it on TV please tell me the funny things I missed, OK?
At least I get to read the article
Executive producer Al Jean says that in the end, “Homer tries to unite the faiths through a message of peace and chicken because everybody eats chicken, no matter what religion they’re in.”
To which I add the advice of Frank Lloyd Wright:
"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.”


moneythoughts said...

You got to get the book Dina, I am enjoying it very much, and I think you would too.

My adult son loves watching the Simsons. I will have to mention this.

Mary Ann said...

Not long ago I heard an two people from the parents circle () interviewed. One of them said that if everyone suddenly had to buy their cigarettes from a shop run by someone of another faith there would instantly be peace in Israel and Palestine. He was joking a little bit, but not completely.

The FLW quote also seems to have an economic spin to it--sounds like good advice to architects just starting out who can't afford to be picky about commissions and who need each project to stand solidly on it's own. Good advice, and applicable here too, isn't it?

VP said...

Not a great fan of Homer but my son loved it (and still does). I agree about the chicken...

JM said...

I will also have to wait to watch it, but I assume it's a great episode for sure!