Sunday, March 14, 2010


The last two weeks have been hard on Jerusalem.

For eights days straight we have had an unseasonable heat wave and several days of bad dust storms (the sand blew over from North Africa).

Then there was the undiplomatic "mishap" when Vice President Biden was here.
And before that, the young Muslim shabab throwing rocks from the Temple Mount down onto Jews praying at the Western Wall.

Trouble is expected tomorrow. If you hear about it on your media, these two photos will help you in your orientation.
The night photo shows the Western Wall on the left.
Behind the wall is the Temple Mount on which is Al Aksa mosque. Its grey dome looks golden at night.
The ramp leads up to the Mughrabi Gate, one of the entrances into the Temple Mount.

Here is a better view of the ramp and Mughrabi Gate.
The golden dome is the Muslim shrine called the Dome of the Rock (on the Temple Mount).

If you enter the Old City wall through the Dung Gate, you pass through the security check at the lower right corner of the photo and enter the Western Wall Plaza.
On the horizon is the Mount of Olives.
I am worried what tomorrow will bring.
Please friends, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Nadege said...

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow, no trouble but peace.
Human beings are just so ... amazing!

Petrea said...

I'm glad you spoke of this Dina. You know we're all thinking of you. Can you stay home? Will you be safe in your village? Please let us know.

Sara said...

My prayers are with your beautiful city. I know exactly the area you are orienting us of my favorite places in Jerusalem. I have seen it in better times and the state of affairs these days saddens me.

crederae said...

Beautiful Dina, HUGS and peace be with you.
Your photographs are stunning.
I told you to move to Canada- but did you listen????

crederae said...

It's real real nice here Dina, in my canadian city.We have a jewish mayor and there are hannukah celebrations in city hall. YOu would like it here.

Hilda said...

Jerusalem has my prayers, Dina. Please keep safe.

spacedlaw said...

There are much talks of unrest in Jerusalem indeed and I worry for you and your loved ones.

Mary Ann said...

I too hope for peace in Jerusalem, peace for all of us everywhere. Take care, Dina.

VP said...

If I remember well, major or minor mishaps keep occurring on every visit of an U.S. dignitary. It looks like a habit, or even a strategy, and in the past it payed off.
Rocks throwing at the Temple Mount usually doesn't end well, let us hope that this time it will be different.

Louis la Vache said...

Indeed we will, Dina.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

When I see love birds I think of Tippi Hendren

moneythoughts said...

People need to chill. Those that can't accept that there is another way to pray or meditate will always keep the fires of hate going. I am so tired of people on all sides believing that their way is the only way. That goes for Jews, Christians and Moslems and everyone else. I wish humankind could separate pray from politics, but after 2,000 years I don't see any hope of things changing.

I hope you will be safe Dina, as I hope everyone will be safe and just chill.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Do stay safe. I'm going back to the online site "Israel Today" to catch up

btw: it's been awhile since I visited. I could spent another hour here going through your posts. How did I ever miss those mosaics?

Dina said...

Dear friends, thanks for your wishes. But this is not about my personal safety. It is about my beloved Jerusalem who has a life bigger than any one of her citizens. I love her, I worry about her.

I myself live outside of Jerusalem, in a remote village in the Hills.

The potentially hot spot at this time in inside the walled Old City, not in the new city.

Pietro said...

Jerusalem surely is in my prayers, Dina. I hope tomorrow all will go well.
Have a nice day.

Dick said...

I hope things won't be too bad but it seems to get worse all the time.
Beautiful pictures.

Take care.

Chuck Pefley said...

My thoughts are with Jerusalem ... and you.


Adira said...

Indeed, I do pray / will pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

For those who believe the Holy Scriptures (Old &/or New) we know it is a Command from God to pray this way!

We also know, from the same Holy Scriptures, that the end for Jerusalem is VICTORY, Praise God!!

Don't lose heart, no matter how dim and dark things may seem.

JM said...

Yes, I've heard it on the news. Thank you, Dina, for helping me understand how it happened.

Kay said...

I do, I do. Stay safe, Dina.