Monday, March 8, 2010

It takes a village to teach Dina Arabic

Earlier today I posted something for International Women's Day.
But in addition, for That's My World Tuesday, I invite you to see my post of exactly one year ago which is a tribute to the welcoming and hard-working Arab women of Dirijat.
Please click here to go down to their village in the Negev desert.


Birdman said...

Thanks for sharing this. You've captured their personalities in the portrait.

Rafael said...

happy women's day!
and i like the tittle :)

JC said...

Happy International Women's Day to you. So did you learn Arabic? I love to hear Hebrew spoken but I doubt I could learn it. I have more confidence in you than I do in myself. HA!!

Meead said...

Happy women's day dear Dina :)
I'm glad to see your happy and kind face in this picture.

Carolyn Ford said...

It would take more than a village to teach me! Your smile indicates you are having fun! This is an amazing photo...three international ladies just being happy together. Happy International Women's Day to all of you!

Lucy Corrander said...

That is a specially lovely photograph - and one that celebrates women. You all look beautiful.


Jew Wishes said...

This is such a heartwarming and beautiful photo....thank you for posting it.

Leif Hagen said...

Great photo - looks like three kind, fun, friendly women who have broken down some barriers!

Hilda said...

I think I'd like to see you in one of their beautiful costumes. :)

Speaking of International Women's Day, my husband at least remembered to post something appropriate for it today, even though he's a day late. (I tweeted the day before then promptly forgot to write about it.)

"Women aren't the problem. They're the solution."

Chuck Pefley said...

It's nice to see good friends enjoying each other's company. You all look happy and content -:)

spacedlaw said...

And how are the lessons progressing?

Arija said...

Lucky you to get a chance like that with these wonderful women.

VP said...

I have just read your last year post and I found it really beautiful, even moving and perfectly 'illustrated'.
I think that the women that more need a Women's Day will never get one...
A very nice picture in today post!

Robin said...

What a lovely photo.

Perhaps some day we'll all evolve to a point where an International Women's Day won't be needed, but somehow I doubt it.

Dina said...

Birdman and Rafael, thank you both.

JC, I did learn a bit of Arabic and we learned a lot about the people who hosted and taught us.
In class we wrote down the Arabic words in Hebrew letters.

Shalom Meead old friend. Thank you.
Your own post for International Women's Day was very expressive.

Carolyn, haha, good one. Yes, those 5 days were much fun.
Yes, I am smiling in the photo but that is my sad smile. Sad because it was 2 minutes before departure and I didn't want to leave.

Lucy, that is a nice thought. Thank you.

Jew Wishes, toda. Yes, it's a photo of hope.

Leif, true. But the lack of enough vocabulary was frustrating for me.

Hilda, hmm, good idea. I'll suggest to the (Jewish) coordinator to add that in their next course (which is soon).
Thanks for pointing me to your husband's blog. He writes such good things so well and seems like such a nice man.

Chuck and Arija, yes, and everybody should have a chance to live in the other's house and village for a time.

Spacedlaw, uhhh, that course was two years ago, for only five days. You know what they say about languages: Use it or lose it.
I'd like to go to another session in the village, but it costs a lot.

Vogon Poet, thank you. I'm afraid you are right that the women who most deserve and need such a day of recognition are exactly the ones who don't get to know much about it.

Suzanne said...

Ahhh, I remember it like it was yesterday. Our dear friends.

Pietro said...

A very lovely photo, Dina. You are really happy between your friends.
Have a nice day!

Eki said...

So is this your second visit to the village, Dina? How's your Arabic lesson going? Are you good at it now?

Pasadena Adjacent said...

great title

Kay said...

I wish there were more women like you, Dina. What a peaceful world we would have then.