Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No news is good news, but not for these

This building is part of the Technology Park located in Jerusalem's Malcha neighborhood.
A while back I went there to snoop around for photos.
More interesting than anything I found inside the building was something I spied down below.

Look at all those television vans!
So that's where some of the foreign press have their offices!

These other parking spaces are marked REUTERS.
Poor guys, they didn't have any bloody news to cover today.
Quiet returned to Jerusalem today, thank God.


Dimple said...

I'm glad it is quiet again.

Cloudia said...

Thank God.

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Jew Wishes said...

Quietude in Jerusalem...oh my!

Lovely snaps of the rare moment.

Anonymous said...

Continuing to 'Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem' (Psalms 122:6)!!

Also, praying for the peace of all who are living in Israel .. so your hearts will rest in God's Peace!

I understand that people must work and earn a living, but sometimes I can't help but view 'news trucks' as vultures. They are waiting for 'something bad' to happen.

I often wonder if the Apocalypse will be televised!! (sorry,joke)


(note: Last time I could click on my Adira identity. Don't have that choice today and don't know why.)

Kay said...

This is very reassuring, Dina.

Pietro said...

Beautiful post, Dina. Thank God all is quie in Jerusalem now. The videos I saw last evening in our television news were really dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Good news. They showed up to twiddle their thumbs.

Hilda said...

Thank God indeed.

Impressive building, and so's the tallest of the trees in front of it.

moneythoughts said...

Glad things are quiet. Now the people in the THINK TANKS can get back to thinking. : )

Louis la Vache said...

Like the others, «Louis» is relieved to read that quiet has returned to Jerusalem.

Adira is 'spot-on' that the news media are vultures. They thrive on bad news, and much of the old media is severely infected with an anti-Semitic streak.

VP said...

I'm glad they have nothing to do and I wish them the idlest period of their professional lives.

Catherine said...

Do you mean they're like vultures ? The worst is I can believe it.
Israel is certainly the state where live the most important number of foreign journalists.