Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Circle K


"Kosher for Passover" Nutella (all the way from Italy) spread on "kosher lePesach" matsot (made right here in Jerusalem) = the winning combination for the week of Passover, when bread is not permitted.
See the K inside the circle? That's the rabbis' stamp of approval.
A kosher K for ABC Wednesday.


katney said...

I come round at least every week to catch up with what you are seeing. You do not have to go far toe find some much history and so many holy places. Thank you for sharing. Your insight is always sonderful. I am late to wish you a beautiful Passover celebration, but the thought is there.

Ken Mac said...

serious yum!

Virginia said...

Nutella, it's all good things to all of us! :)

Anonymous said...

i wish to you and your family Happy Easter

RuneE said...

I could never be a Jew - I love bread!!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

I wish I'd have thought of the K for kosher. We've got Easter candy posted today. I started to write "K" for kandy and then said, "forget it!!!!" Enjoy the day and don't worry about the meme. This Sunday, I'm posting the iconostasis of a young orthodox church in our community. Stop by then if you get a chance.

K for Kosher. That is seared into my brain now. Thanks.

Maybe I'll drive to Pittsburgh for some Matzo soup. Eight hours in a car is a small price to pay for the best matzo ball soup east of the Atlantic Ocean!


Pat said...

Ooh, yummy! I keep hearing about Nutella...I must find it somewhere...maybe it's in Trader Joe's.

moneythoughts said...

Today, I got as much enjoyment out of reading the comments as reading your post. "I could never be a Jew - I love Bread!" was the best. Explain that matzah is bread, it is just unleavened bread! You need to explain why we Jews eat Matzah. : )

Rob and Mandy said...

Matzot, Nutella and a computer... You're ready for Pesach! Any rabbinate stamp on the Nutella?

VP said...

Kosher Nutella! I have a nice shop selling any kind of sweets and nuts which is one of the rare venues here still showing the kosher sign. I have to take a picture of that!

Dina said...

Hi Katney, thanks, you are not too late. Passover lasts until Monday, which is the 7th day of Pesach.
You are right, this land is a blogger's paradise.

Ken Mac shalom. I like that expression "serious yum"! Will have to learn to use that.

Virginia, I first met Nutella at a dig in Tel Yarmouth. The volunteers were all French and they needed their Nutella for breakfast in the field.

Vaggelis, thanks. Happy Easter to you.

Rune, haha. You can LEARN to love matsa too.

Jan, to Pittsburgh for matsa ball soup?? Make your own, it's not hard.

Pat shalom. Trader Joe's has everything. Good luck.

Moneythoughts, you're right, comments are the best part.
I hate repeating myself year after year, or maybe I'm just getting lazy. Readers are welcome to click on my label "matsa" and read the 3 posts explaining the whole story.

Rob and Mandy, the sticker is on top of the lid and on the side which I forgot to turn to the camera. (It was after midnight...)
It is kosher for "ochlei kitniot."
That usually means Sephardic Jews, who have the custom of eating rice and uhh, kitniot, during Pesach, unlike Ashkenazim.
The kashrut is from a rabbi in Italy, Yeshua Hadad, and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

VP, yes, please do. I hoped you would like this post about Italian Nutella, made in Alba.

cieldequimper said...

'Tis a mouthwatering photo!

Jay said...

I'm not Jewish, but I rather like Matzos! I have a problem with yeast and found a lot of alternatives to bread. Never tried them with Nutella though!

Ann said...

so you have nutella too?

My friend's chinese niece is married to a Jew, during that special day, her son had a big feast.

Roger Owen Green said...

there was an article in the local paper about three different brands of matzoh; I think Circle K fared best.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!

Louis la Vache said...

Anything with Nutella on it gets «Louis'» (L) of approval on it!