Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ktalav in the rain

Welcome to the Jerusalem Hills!
My first try at blogging, and I wanted to welcome you with a rare snow picture. But the predicted snow just didn't happen today on our 640-meter hilltop. Lots of rain fell though, a blessing in this almost drought year in Israel.

The ktalav tree took on a whole new look, its smooth bark glistening in the rain.
Later, in the hot dry season, the bark will flake and peel off.
In Hebrew ktalav (often mispronounced as "katlav"), genus Arbutus, in English the Eastern strawberry tree.


  1. Mabrouk, Dina. Welcome to daily photo. That looks a lot like a manzanita tree.

  2. Shukran ya Maryanne. Ahalan!
    A manzanita tree?! Never heard of it. But now after studying it in Wikipedia, I think you're right. Yet another thing I learn from you.
    Do you know them from western North America or Egypt?

  3. i envy you for being able to see this tree - it is beautiful


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