Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spiritual S

Saint Peter in the church of the Latin Patriarchate in the Old City. I suspect his feet are shiny from being rubbed by pilgrims. Some statues around the world have this superstition, that touching them brings good luck.
Sunrise over Ecce Homo convent and the Dome of the Rock mosque.
Station of the Cross. Simon of Cyrene (and interesting sign).
Saint Andrew's Church, Church of Scotland, Presbyterian. Slabs of marble from Iona.
Scriptures, holy.


The D in D & T said...

of all the daily blogs, i always enjoy your sunset and sunrise photos the most. there is peace in them.

Dina said...

Hmm, I think you are right, D.
Sunrise and sunset are special moments when you feel all the wonder of Creation. And peace, yes.

Reader Wil said...

Sorry I didn't saw these photos earlier! They are beautiful!