Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Winter woodpile work! Last summer good friends Mark and Kristine came from America to visit--and help. We cut up dead wood from the woods for our sister friends to use in their wood-burning stoves on cold winter days. I love the maul or an axe more than the chainsaw.

Notice the Y-shaped branch in my hand. Ha, should have saved that for the coming Y Wednesday.
Woodpile is now well-stocked. What fun it is to work with wood!


Miss_Yves said...

"Y" shaped branch...It 's also one of my next ideas...but I had not to cut it with an Ax!
Miss Yves

Reader Wil said...

You are really a hard working woman. Very nice photos! Thanks for sharing.

Jerez Sherry said...

I'll take a maul over a chainsaw anyday Dina..
Once had some visitors, kids from Japan at a farm where i lived, and everyday after sight seeing, they came back to chop wood with sweet abandon. I dare say, it it was the biggest treat, unexpected, and joyously experienced.
One little girl was so tiny, it almost took her over backwards.
Looks like you know your way around a 'W'oodpile..!

Dina said...

Jerez, thanks for reminding me it is a maul, not axe. I grew up in Chicago, so whaddaya want? ha

Miss Yves, I'm anxious to see your Y branch in two weeks.

Wil, any work outside is fun, especially alongside good workmates.

Dick said...

Wood is the most beautiful material, I'm a wood worker, maybe I'll publish some pictures later on.

Anonymous said...

You are a happy woman, I see.
Congratulations for all you.

Chuck Pefley said...

That's quite and ambitious project. Not sure why, but I've always imagined Jerusalem being quite warm year 'round. Apparently I'm mistaken. Very impressive pose with the maul :)

Jerez Sherry said...

You're from Chicago?
Well; axe, maul, almost same thing, one is just a lot heavier!! lol