Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surveillance cameras in the shadows

Shadows of security cameras

The 16th century Zion Gate, an entrance into the Old City for pedestrians and (small) cars, was a few years ago treated to an intensive 6-month restoration.
The 800,000 shekel  (then over a quarter million dollars) cleaning, fixing, and strengthening  was courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority with financial support from the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem Municipality.
The dedicatory plaque installed by the great builder Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman sultan who commissioned the walls of Jerusalem, was painstakingly restored.
The hundreds of bullet and shell marks were preserved, a lesson for posterity of what can happen in war.
Old Zion Gate photos: A  very touching photo from 1948 and a historic photo from 1865 can be viewed here.
(The night shadows are for Shadow Shot Sunday meme.)


Birdman said...

The night shadows have cooperated here to make a soothing, subtle shot. Nice colors.

robin. said...

i love the color and texture of the stone...and the shadow is the bonus.

Richard Lawry said...

The surveillance cameras at such an old sight ore quite the juxtaposition of old and modern. I really liked the old photos.

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Verna Luga said...

there are eyes everywhere... cool effect.. love it..
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The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Beautiful...of course old walls - are some of our favorite things! To think of all that it has been through and seen...if walls could talk!! Loved the link as well!

Anonymous said...

How sad that such a wonderful reminder of the past has bullet holes - if only we could all learn to live in peace!!

EG CameraGirl said...

This is a very attractive wall, even with the bullet holes.

VP said...

The others are beautiful, but Zion Gate was always something special to me...

Anonymous said...

Feels as if time obtained eyes. A peaceful and good sight for them; and a good Sunday for you as well.

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Kay said...

I see that Charlie Wilson took the photos. I wonder if it's the same Charlie Wilson of the film that Tom Hanks acted in, Charlie Wilson's War?