Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shadows and decaying elegance

The shadow of the fence lined up nicely with the drip irrigation hoses, so I took a picture for Shadow Shot Sunday.

Then I looked more closely at the ground and noticed some kind of soft jute-like mesh for new plantings.
My first time to see this system.

They seem to be rehabilitating the area behind the old Jerusalem Railway Station that was built in Ottoman times, in 1882.
It was the terminus of the railroad that ran all 86 kilometers from the Mediterranean port of Jaffa up until the year 1998.
The train did not run again until 2005 when a modern station was constructed in the Malcha neighborhood.

As you can see from this shot of the front, the boarded-up old station is decaying fast.

End of the line.
Shadows fall across the last section of track terminating at the bumper thing.

End of the line?
Yair Wallach wrote a fascinating article .
The character (in this little play) with whom he is exploring (trepassing) in the building says that the old Jerusalem Railway Station is
"a different kind of ruin. A ruin full of promise. It’s a crack through the wall of the past. It’s a time warp. But as long as it stands ruined, we can dream: we can dream of trains and passengers, we can dream of journeys to other cities and countries, and we can dream of a different Jerusalem.”


  1. so many interesting shadows Dina.

  2. Nice shadow pictures and great words last in post.
    We have many such end of the line in Norway..

  3. That truly is a perfectly beautiful passage with which to get to the end of the line of your post.

  4. Your shadow shots are terrific but the quote is even better.

  5. A similar mesh of ropelike material is used at Mount Rainier in stabilizing and restoring meadows damaged by too much off trail foot traffic.

  6. Shalom friends, glad you liked it.

    Katney, thanks for the info. I knew there was a better word than grid. I will change it now to mesh.

  7. I remember the station in better shape and still working!

  8. It's pity that this old and historic railway station is left to ruin. Hasn't anyone been thinking to turn it into something more attractive?

  9. VP, yeah, me too.

    Eki, I read that there were ideas to turn the old train station into some cultural venue, but it does not seem to be happening.


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