Monday, May 1, 2017

On Jewish feasting


Patriotic blue and white marshmallows!
A limited edition especially for Israel's Independence Day (starting tonight) and also for the upcoming Lag BaOmer holiday when kids gather around bonfires.  

City Daily Photo bloggers are posting their favorite "Let's eat!" photo today for Theme Day. 

If you say "let's eat" to an American Jew, what comes to mind is the old joke: 
How can you explain most Jewish holidays?  Simple:  They tried to kill us; we won; let's eat. 

Think of the history and the feasting that go with Chanuka, Purim, Pesach, and Independence Day, for example.   True, eh? 
Today we are in the very somber and painful Remembrance Day when we think about the many thousands we have lost to wars and terrorism, and tonight we must transition into the fireworks, happiness, and barbecues of our 69th Independence Day.
The bitter and the sweet. 


  1. Love the marshmallows and would be more than happy to eat ☺ Thoughts are with you on this day of remembrance Dina xx

  2. While there is anti-Semitism and terrorism, I would say there is more bitter and less sweet. If one day peace arrives, it will be very sweet indeed.

    I read this and reflected that anti-Semitism is still everywhere.

  3. Because there is so much famine in the world I sometimes feel guilt about posting food photos, yet it is such a wonderful family and social activity that I love. All the important holidays revolve around food, or so it seems. Our family get-togethers which become increasingly infrequent with each successive generation, still evolves around food and the dining room table. The photos today are a pleasure to see and read about.

  4. Happy Independence Day! May your country someday be able to live in peace without daily threats. I love the marshmallows.

  5. Thinking of you on this special day .

  6. Marshmallows can sweeten any holiday. I'm wishing for peace for you and Israel.


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