Friday, January 11, 2013

Jerusalem of White

A friend who lives in Jerusalem started out early in the morning yesterday to capture all the beautiful snow-clad places, and now she graciously shares them with you and me.
Click and then click again to enlarge her photos. 

The tram had its first baptism of snow!
And to encourage people not to attempt to drive on the slippery roads, the tram was free of charge for a few days. 

The yellow JCB doubled as a snowplow.
The Municipality was ready with tons of salt to spread, too.
They had fifty vehicles dedicated to the one rare snow day.

We got about 25 cm or 10 inches of snow.
The palm trees at Safra Square, City Hall, took it well. 

Everybody was excited about our snow.

Families worked together to build snowmen, this one near Jaffa Gate.

People kept on praying.
The Western Wall is never alone.

From the rooftops of the Old City, the gorgeous view of a white Mount of Olives and the golden dome of the Dome of the Rock powdered with snow!
Thank you, Friend, for these rare photographs.
Pictures of my white village in the snowy Jerusalem Hills are in yesterday's post.


Adullamite said...

Horrid horrid stuff snow! It ought to be banned or sent to Norway where it belongs!

That picture of the dome is fantastic however!
An absolute stunner!

Keep safe (and warm) out there!

Tania said...

Wow! You got a lot of it. I love the last picture, the light is so great!
Curiously, when it snows in countries that usually are not used to it. I was south of france once it snowed 2 millimeter and everything stopped.

Hm, to that first comment from Adullamite
He/she should visit the
owner of the most beautiful snow ever:-)

Anonymous said...

oh ! that certainly is a lot of snow. great images. close to 15C over here during midday.

please have a good weekend ahead.

Richard Lawry said...

Great photos. Tell your friend thank you for me.

An Arkies Musings

Nonnie said...

so, snow is unusual, eh? does the tram run on a track? what a thoughtful city to provide free transportation to protect the citizens!
the dome photo is stunning!

Leif Hagen said...

Unbelievable photos! Looks more like Minnesota than Jerusalem......
Did you build a snow fort, Dina?! Throw snowballs?

Birdman said...

Oh wow! It was worth the wait. That tram shot is wonderful.

Fran said...

What great photos! I just got off the phone with a friend who will be headed there in 2 weeks, sorry she won't be there for the snow!

Cloudia said...

What amazing pics, Dina!

Aloha from Honolulu-
Please enjoy a Free Peak at my Hawaii Novel!
Aloha Where You Like Go?

Hels said...

I lived through two Jerusalem winters in a row and remember the cold that got through to the bone. But I don't remember proper snow - just a sort of sludge on the ground. The image of Safra Square looks delicate and lovely, not sludgy at all!

Petrea Burchard said...

I'm enjoying both of your snow posts, Dina. Lovely pics! It looks like everyone's enjoying this rare treat.

Rob Siemann said...

Welcome to Scandinavia??? Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Dina - Thank you for sharing. The snow on the palm trees does not compute in my brain. That IS a lot of snow. Was worried when I heard about it on the news. Glad they have plenty of equipment to move it around. Stay warm. DrumMajor

Jael said...

Snowy Jerusalem looks great:)

VP said...

Some curious and unusual pictures of a white Jerusalem!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Yes thank you, Dina's friend, for these wonderful photos. I really love the palm trees!

DawnTreader said...

Great photos. From the perspective of where I live (Sweden) it's probably hard to rightly appreciate the strangeness of it though...

Kay said...

Wow! These are all such incredible photos! Thanks for showing them to us, Dina.